The Famous Hollywood Singer, Nelly To Perform At Erie County Fair!


For all those genuinely excited about the Erie Country Fair, there is good news that would be able to bring jitters down your spine. As reported from various sources, the Erie Country Fair will be a huge success for many obvious reasons. 

The Famous Hollywood Singer, Is Ready To Set The Stage On Fire

One of the essential news that would add more fun to the event is that Riley Green would be a part of this event scheduled to be held on August 11.


Riley Green, the famous Hollywood singer, is ready to set the stage on fire through his performance held around August 11. 

List Of Perfromers 

In addition to the performance of Reily, Nelly has also given his acceptance to rock the event with the help of his presence.

Nelly is a famous American star known for delivering a power-packed performance at various events and concerts. Nelly has accepted to perform only on a limited number of editions of his music albums. 

Out of the various kinds of music singles that he has already produced, he is willing to perform on 12 Best Days of Summer. This is the best type of experience which can be provided to all the people who would be wilful to visit the concert. 


The voice of Nelly is a treat to the ears. It is believed that the bookings of the concert have fastened post the release of the notification that Nelly would be performing.

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All the fans have been pouring their requests to extend the duration for which he would be performing. 

They repeatedly request Nelly to perform on the best singles like Hot in Herre, Country Grammar and Ride wit Me. Fans tag Nelly on Twitter and other social media handles.


For all the tracks produced by Nelly listed above, they have been nominated for CMT Awards in 2022 as well. This can express the goodwill that these songs are already in a position to enjoy. These songs have been able to hit 3 million views on Youtube. 

They have been included in the list of top 10 songs of the year. This kind of inclusion in the performance list of the Fair would be helpful to sustain in the long run. This is nothing but a kind of publicity stunt for the event.

Procedural aspects 

The organization committee of the Fair was able to communicate two days back that the sale of the tickets for the Fair would begin by June 10. the window in which the tickets have to be purchased by the people would be somewhere around 10 am to 10 pm. 

The price of track seats is fixed to be at 45 dollars. However, the general admission fees for the event are around 30 dollars.


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The fans are demanding the same in large numbers already. The committee is already anticipating a heavy demand even before the actual sale has come.


With all of this, it is important to mention that this Fair will be a blockbuster event. It will be graced by the presence of many amazing stars in the first place. This is the best that one can ever ask for.


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