New Faces Will Be Screening In Yellowstone Season 5 

YELLOWSTONE has made some new exciting changes for season 5. There will be 5 new faces starring in the 5th season of the series.

Casting Set Different, Yellowstone Season 5 

The 5th season of Yellowstone is all set to bring to you some new faces. Apart from the new faces, there are some known faces that will appear once again in season 5.

New Faces Will Be Screening In Yellowstone Season 5 

The known faces are Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, and Luke Grimes. These 4 are all set to return as the dysfunctional Dutton family this November when the fifth season of the series will be streamed on your screen. As of now the filming of the series by the Paramount Network drama is all underway.

In the 5th season of the show the Dutton family, the bunkhouse crew, as well as the show’s regular supporting players, are all set to be joined by some known as well as some newcomers in the coming season.

This new season is expected to be different from the previous most loved seasons of the series by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson. More flashbacks can be expected in the new coming season.

The Newcomers

Apart from the known faces, there will be four new faces. The Four new faces are Kai Caster, Lilli Kay, Lainey Wilson, and Dawn Olivieri. These 4 faces will be appearing in the new season of the series as recurring stars.

Kai Caster is Well-known among his fans for his role as Dirk Bennet in The Baxters in the fifth season Kai will be seen as the young cowboy. On the other hand, country singer and songwriter, Lainey Wilson is trying to fit in the footsteps of 1883 superstars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

Casting Set Different, Yellowstone Season 5 

In the fifth season, Lainey will appear as a musician named Abby. Lilli Kay has previously appeared in the hit Bryan Craston-led series, Your Honor. In the coming season, Lilly will play the role of Clara brewer.

The fourth face on the list is Dawn Olivieri who is best known for his roles in Heroes and House of Lies. In the new season, Dawn is all set to play the role of Sarah Atwood. 

In the upcoming season, Kai Caster’s character Rowdy may enter the mix as the new ranch hand. On the other hand, Lainey Wilson’s character Abby could potentially be a new love interest for Ryan Bingham’s Walker.

We can assume that Lilly Kay’s character Clara Brewer won’t be Beth’s assistant. This position has a faster turning rate than the secretaries of Murphy Brown.

It is hard to know at this point to know how the executive ladder goes, and it is similarly difficult to understand when they will figure out they enjoy victory against the Duttons. 

This series by the Paramount Network will hit the screens on Sunday, November 13 this year. All you have to do is not to forget the Dutton original story of 1883 which is available for you if you have a Paramount+ subscription.

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