Nikki Guidish Personal Information Such As Age, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, Instagram

Patrick Cantlay, a professional golfer from the United States, is romantically involved with Nikki Guidish. Model Nikki Guidish hails from the USA. Patrick Cantlay, a professional golfer from Long Beach, California, is currently her boyfriend. With eight years of experience as a professional golfer, Cantlay has four PGA Tour victories to his name.

Patrick Cantlay’s Girlfriend NikkiGuidish Personal Information

Recently, she was shown with him after his Memorial Tournament victory and she was quite happy about it. We can all admit that Nikki was rooting for her boyfriend when he sank an 11-foot putt to win the tournament.

Nikki Guidish Personal Information Such As Age, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, Instagram

As a child, Nikki was taught at home by her parents in Naples, Florida, where she was raised. In addition, she has a brother named Joe Guides, who likes to go as Joe Guidish.

Date Of BirthUnknown
Height5 feet 8 inches
ProfessionPharmacist, Model
Net worth$17 million

At Publix Pharmacy, Nikki is a pharmacist. During her internships, she worked at Sunshine Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacology Services, and Morsani Family Medicine.

Nikki is a fitness competitor and a model. As a Tony Little shoe spokesperson, she appeared on Home Shopping Network as well. Throughout her career, Nikki has accumulated a sizable fortune, and she is not an exception. In any event, the investigation is still underway.


As a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Jupiter, Florida, Nikki has extensive experience in the medical field. Nikki is also a pharmacist at Publix, where she developed the pharmacy department, and she also serves as the department’s manager.

Prior to working for Clinical Pharmacology Services and Morsani Family Medicine, Nikki was an intern at Sunshine Pharmacy. For the HSN show, she wore shoes she had designed herself.

How Much Money Does She Have?

Due to his prowess on the golf course, her boyfriend has accumulated a fortune of almost $17 million.

Patrick Cantlay And Nikki Guidish

This year, Nikki Guidish’s relationship with six-time PGA Tour winner Patrick Cantlay has been widely publicized.

For the most part, they agreed to keep their relationship a secret. It was at his Memorial Tournament in 2021 that Nikki appeared for the first time with her lover as a couple, marking their first public appearance together.

Having Nikki Guidish around is a pleasure. A talented golfer, her maternal grandmother Juliann M Guides, played in and won numerous club championships. As one of the contestants, Nikki took part in the RXMuscle The Truth In Bodybuilding 2014 contest.

After winning the Farmers Insurance Open and the Memorial Tournament in 2017, her partner has won six PGA Tour tournaments in total (2017). The years 2019 and 2021. According to her Instagram profile, Nikki has approximately 11,000 followers.

Additionally, Guidish has obtained considerable medical skills during his internships at Sunshine Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacology Services, and Morsani Family Medicine.


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