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Philip Schneider Net Worth, Sources Of Income, Bio!

There must be something about Philip Schneider that must have garnered him a lot of attention and fame. He also happens to be the new husband of Hilary Swank, the popular American actress and film producer.

But that is not his only reason for fame. In the year 2018, Philip Schneider and Hilary Swank made headlines when they got married under the 800-years old Redwood trees amidst family. Mariska Hargitay played maid of honor.

Everything To Know About Philip Schneider Net Worth, Age, Bio!

Coming back to Philip Schneider, the social business entrepreneur, is all of forty-nine and going strong as a handsome hunk. But he is known to keep his private life under wraps mostly. He is truly one of the best entrepreneurs of this generation, but there are many amazing things about him.

Everything To Know About Philip Schneider Net Worth, Age

He has already got a number of movies like ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing’, ‘Missouri’ and ‘Marley & Me’ under his belt, as a property master. He has also reprised the role of ‘Heshie’ on Magic City, many times.

The entertainment sector has him since 1987. His claim to fame started when he was hired as a property assistant on the sets of ‘Campus Man’.

Philip Schneider has a lot in common with his better half Hilary Swank and one thing that stands out, is their love for nature. He supposedly proposed to his lady love amidst a beautiful reserve up there in the mountains.

The readers might just get surprised on knowing that they met on a blind date. The date was set up by Vicki, who happens to be Misha Collin’s wife.

So, if you want to know more such interesting facts and news about Philip Schneider, then keep reading.

Full NamePhilip Schneider
Source Of IncomeBusiness Ventures
Date of Birth1973
Age49 Years
Marital StatusMarried
EducationUniversity Of Texas
SpouseHilary Swank (m. 2018)
Wealth TypeSelf-Made

Key Facts About Philip Schneider

·       Philip Schneider’s real birth date is not available, but he was born sometime in 1973. He is around 49 years of age at present.

·       He was born to his parents in California, in the US.

·       He completed his basic studies at the local school.

·       Some reports reveal that, Philip Schneider is an alumnus of the University of Texas in Austin. He probably also attended a reputed school in the US for higher studies.

·       Not much is known about his early life, but his father may be a businessman, and his mother may have been a housewife. His father’s name is Phil Schneider. That is the only thing that is out till now, in public.

·       He is almost 6 feet 1 inch in height and weighs 75 kg.

·       Hilary Swank and Philip Schneider recently got married in a secret ceremony in California after dating each other secretly for two years.

·       Forbes and Vogue mentions him as a social venture entrepreneur, which means that he combines business sensibilities with social work and a do-good mentality. One can also say that, he takes corporate social responsibility very seriously.

·       He is supposedly involved in initiatives that centre around saving the planet.

·       Moreover, he has been known to work on removing hunger from the impoverished societies, improving educational opportunities, and combating environmental damage.

·       Another amazing fact about Philip Schneider, is that, he has also worked in the American film industry. He has reprised his role as a property master in a number of films, as listed above. He has been working there since the year 1987.

·       He also boasts of a role as an actor, in Magic City.

·       According to the tabloids, he met Hilary Swank on a blind date that lasted 24 hours. They loved the time spent with one another, and came closer thereafter.

·       He proposed to Hilary Swank after two years of dating. They were probably vacationing in Colorado when the guy proposed to his lady love.

·       Amazingly, no one will be able to find him on social media, as he does not have an account there.

·       Philip Schneider has appeared in many awards shows along with his better half Hilary Swank.

·       He is also a writer and producer. In the year 2010, he wrote and also produced the short film, called Stranger Danger. He went on to write and produce more films, 2010 onwards, like TSA America: Just Relax, TSA America: Suspicious Bulges, and TSA America: Yeah, But Is It Ticking? All these movies were produced by Misha Collins.

·       He and Hilary Swank are expecting twins.

Philip Schneider Sources Of Income


Philip Schneider happens to be a very successful businessman, and also a philanthropist. His main source of income happens to be his businesses. He also produces movies.

That is another one of the many sources of income for him. He is self-sufficient and does not need to rely on Hilary Swank, for his expenses. His career as a business person, writer, producer, and social entrepreneur is going strong.

Philip Schneider Sources Of Income


As a businessman, he probably has numerous investments in stocks and other avenues. He also puts money into movies, which earns large amounts of profits for him.

His wealth is increasing more and more with time. He has many new TV shows and movies coming up, like The Hunt, Fatale, and Away. He will be earning from them as well.

Philip Schneider Net Worth

Philip Schneider’s estimated net worth is around $40-50 million.

Philip Schneider Net Worth

Philip Schneider Real Estate

He has been a property master and producer for several movies. So, it is quite evident that he must be heavily into real estate.

He has a huge net worth and so he probably has numerous real estate ventures under his belt. But, as with other details of his life, he managed to keep such data a secret. He seems to be a very secretive man.

Philip Schneider Cars Owned

Philip Schneider was last seen in a Cadillac.

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Philip Schneider Charity Works

Philip Schneider is known to be involved deeply in social work and charity. He has been engaging in charity works for a long time now. He believes in causes like environmental damage, alleviation of poverty, solving food issues for the downtrodden, and also taking care of nature.

Philip Schneider Social Media

There is not much information regarding his social media links. Moreover, it is actually believed that he does not have any social media account. He likes to keep his private life, away from media glare.

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