All Set To Release Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Chapter 115: What Is Behind The Gate?


After making fans wait a whole month, the latest chapter of Second Life Ranker has arrived. The writers told them that the manhwa would be gone in the previous chapter. This week we will be watching the next chapter.

Second Time Chapter 115 Manga Release Date: What Is Behind The Gate?

Before the expected time, fans are anxiously waiting for the release of Chapter 115. But the search is still inside. To attend to what you need to hear about the next chapter. Are you thrilled and enthusiastic about the release of Chapter 115? The wait has been over and is all set to release the chapter. 

Second Time Chapter 115 Manga Release Date

The team has managed to get past the Golden Gudgel Gate in the story. In the next release, fans will see what behind the door Yeon was able to open. However, the team may not get what they want, and instead, they will be facing a fatal accident.

The Second Life Chapter: What happened next? 

Toward the end of the earlier division, Jon realized that it was not possible to enter the doorway. All three of his colleagues had tried their best, and the gates were hard to open. It was clear, then, that Kindred had entered it differently.

But accompanying a mild push, he tried to open the gate, and they all entered. And immediately, Ranker, The one Lives A Second Occasion Member 115, will examine what’s behind the door. 

The group will not find Kindred instantly. There was a powerful force behind the door and strength, which is why no one could not open the door. Still, enemy hunting will continue in the next phase. 

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Previous Story Recaps 

Second History Ranker Division 114 opens with the launch of the Pursuit Demigod Cernunnos. Yeon Pursue was finished for dress goods Kahn on the front line. The latter communicated that he was an extreme official and a supporter of Daemon.

Yeon thought it would be troublesome to use even 50% of the original capacity accompanying the capacity proved. He thought he would be powerful if he came out of the mountain with five elements. Suddenly, the team discussed how to get out of this situation.

Yeon said Victoria and Rebecca had fixed what to do next. But they were both treacherous women. Therefore, Yeon said he would increase the search speed for more. 

In a few seconds, they all reached their goal. Before the expected time, they face the Beautiful Gudgel Gird Steel gate that was expected to be unlocked. 

Expected Release Date

The introduction of Cernunnos will change efficiently in the case of the Second History Ranker. On account of manhwa being back from rest, all the chapters will make a public newspaper. Ranker The One Lives A Second time 115 release date is April 14, 2022. 

Fans will be allowed to share their love on the manhwa chapters only on the official accounts pages of kakaopage, Naver, and Webtoon. 



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