Rebel Wilson Finally Choose A Princess Instead Of A Prince!!

This Thursday, Richel Wilson finally declared to the public that she had found the love of her life but in an unexpected form.

Rebel Wilson Finally Decided That She Wants A Disney Princess Instead Of A Prince!!

Finally, the Senior Year star actress Richel posted on her social media a picture of her along with her new girlfriend, Ramona Agra. 

She also posted a caption along with the post, where she remarked that Wilson was searching for a Disney prince. Still, she realized that all she needed was a Disney princess who would love and understand her better than anyone, along with a ‘#loveislove.’

As per her close companions, she is very happy and hopeful about her new relationship with Agruma.

Last month during one of her interviews, she had also hinted to the public about being in a potential relationship. But, she never told the name of the person she was in a relationship with. As per reports, many of her fans now suggest that the person is Ramona Agruma, with whom she is in a relationship.

How Did Rebel Start Dating Ramona?

The duo started to get in touch via weeklong phone calls, which is quite an old-school move by both of them, as Rebel later remarked in an interview.

She said it is the best way to get in touch with someone and learn more about them. She also found the practice of calling her lover over the phone to talk, quite romantic.

Rebel’s Comment On Her Previous Relationships

Rebel Wilson has already been in many relationships since her rise to fame as a famous Hollywood actress.

She had been daring Jacob Busch for some time, but the duo later broke up last year during February, as per reports. Jacob Busch is from the Busch family who founded the famous company ‘Anheuser-Busch’ which produces alcoholic beverages across the country.

During one of her interviews last year, she had made it clear that she would no longer be dating anyone and is currently putting a pause on dating or getting into any relationship.

But, she did date some people during the summer of that year, and as she later admitted, she was having a great time while dating. 

Rebel also commented on the topic of relationships during her interview that summer. She explained that going through every breakup and finding new relationships helped her gather more information and self-worth about herself and gave her a clear idea about the type of partner she was looking for.

In one of her interviews, she also said she does not regret the time Wilson spent with her ex-boyfriends. Still, while having relationships with them, she felt lonely sometimes and wanted to give up. 

Rebel’s Comment On Her Current Relationship With Ramona

Rabel always desired to get into a simple and healthy relationship with her partners. Still, most of the time, it failed eventually.

But, as per the recent interviews about her thoughts on her current relationship with Ramona, she said that she is very hopeful about the new relationship and even called Ramona her “Disney princess,” whom she had been searching for all this time.

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