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Resident Evil Game Series Release Date, Cast, Trailer!

Resident Evil has been a popular gaming franchise since 1996. It has a series of seasons released in several forms like animated, theatrical, and online. Resident Evil, an action horror Netflix series, will enter the media crowd. A perfect fusion of the past ( 2022 ) and the present ( 2036 ) gives a feel of truth.

Resident Evil Series Gives A Feel Of Truth And Reality

It depicts how life will change after the deadly virus. After a gap of 14 years from 2022 – 2036, two sisters, Billie and Jade, dwell between the past and present.

Resident Evil Game Series Release Date, Cast, Trailer

After the outbreak of a T – virus, the world takes an unexpected turn which shatters the world as a whole, but the only organization that stays is the Umbrella Corporation. The two sisters start discovering their origin, and some of the hidden truths start unfolding. 

Resident Evil Release Date 

The series is going to be released on 14th July 2022. It will be released on Netflix, the most loved OTT platform. The whole world awaits to unfold some hidden mysteries and get into the ride of the future. There would be an online release and there is no information about the release in offline mode.

The series comprises 8 episodes with one or hour duration each which is amazing to dive into. All the episodes are set to be released on the same date. It will be released in almost all the countries except China, and Syria due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.


The teaser begins with an aerial view of what was once a city but is now a wasteland filled with ravaged zombies and the beleaguered survivors struggling desperately to escape them. The voiceover of adult Jade explains the end of the world in 2036.

A part of the thrilling journey full of horror has been released to give the viewers a little idea about the series. In the trailer, it is shown that Albert tells Jade to escape, and after that, Albert covers himself with a dog’s blood. The trailer revolves around Zombies, Jade, and Jade’s family. After 14 years, the world gets run by some unknown monsters. 

Resident Evil Cast

The series stars the American actor and musician Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker. This 59-year-old actor is all set to join the ride full of fear. He is presented against Tamara Smart and Ella Balinska, playing the character of Jade, Albert’s daughter.

25-year-old Ella was seen before in Run Sweetheart Run, a horror film. Adeline Rudolph is playing the role of Billie Wesker. The series also stars seventeen-year-old teen Siena Agudong as young Billie Wesker. Before she appeared on Star Falls, Dicky, Dawn, Alex and Me, Upside down magic, and many more. Connor Gosatti presents the role of Simon, and Turlough Convery portrays Baxter. Paola Nunez will also be seen in the series

Airing time of the series 

The series will be aired at 3:00 am. ET / 12 am. PT / 8 am in the UK, USA, and almost all counties. Every country will likely be a viewer of one of the popular gaming franchises. 

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