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RiceGum’s Net Worth, Girlfriend, Height, Age, And Bio!

RiceGum is the internet alias of Bryan Le. He is a musician, American rapper, and YouTuber. Additionally, RiceGum had more than 4.9 million Instagram followers. It is as of October 2018. Ricegum attended Sierra Vista High School. In this school, he developed a passion for basketball and participated in the squad. 

RiceGum’s Net Worth, Marital Status, Age, Biography, Relationships!

He is regarded as one of the game’s most promising players. He also had a variety of other interests. It includes acting and playing video games. After graduating in 2014, he enrolled at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. But left the school while he was still a student to pursue an online career.

RiceGum’s Worth 2022, Girlfriend, Height, Age, And Bio!

Ricegum is a passionate football lover. He enjoys watching games on television. In December 2020, he will also have the chance to attend Game 7 of the Super Bowl. He enjoys playing and viewing other sports. It includes baseball and basketball. He also enjoys playing pool and soccer.

Ricegum maintains a rigorous diet. So, he forbids the consumption of sugar in favor of an abundance of fruits that naturally contain sugar and vegetables. He also engages in quite a bit of physical activity. He goes to the gym three to four times per week.

Ricegum's Net Worth

He enjoys traveling and has visited various states across the US. He has also visited Europe and Asia on numerous occasions. Tokyo, Japan, is his ideal travel destination. Leslie Nielsen, Jim Carrey, and Chris Rock are some of his favorite actors. Additionally Airplane!, The Naked Gun and Liar Liar are some of his favorite comedic movies. He enjoys watching comedies in his free time.

Ricegum’s Net Worth

Being a prominent figure on social media, RiceGum makes a lot of money. He also accrues income from his various social media platforms. It includes Musical.ly, Instagram, and YouTube. He hasn’t yet made his actual pay known to the media, though.

Ricegum Relation

As of October 2018, Bryan’s projected monthly earnings from his YouTube channel. It was between 6.1K dollars and 98.3K dollars. Also, his yearly earnings were between 73.8K dollars and 1.2M dollars. Additionally, he receives a sizable income of around 8,552 dollars to 14,203 dollars for every post on his Instagram site.

RiceGum has reportedly kept up a 1 million dollars net worth. He has a net worth of 8 million dollars. His net worth is estimated by other legitimate social media platforms to be approximately 7 million dollars.

Looking at his Instagram, RiceGum appears to have a posh lifestyle. He has also published a variety of photos featuring his various vehicles. Additionally, he owns a collection of vehicles. The vehicle collection includes a Mercedes Benz S550. He and his parents are living a typical life in a stunning home. It is in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States.

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Ricegum Relation

RiceGum Vietnamese father and Chinese mother, both immigrated to the US less than ten years ago. It is prior to Ricegum’s birth. They raised him in Las Vegas. He was famous for his clandestine liaison with Abby Rao. In 2017, RiceGum and Alissa Violet worked together on the song It’s Every Night Sis.

Ricegum Age

Ricegum will be 26 years old in 2022. He is 6 ft 1 inch tall, 1.86 by meters, weighs about 165 pounds, and has short black hair and brown eyes. His weight is 75 kilograms.

Ricegum’s Bio

Bryan Le is better known as RiceGum. He was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. His birthdate is on November 19, 1996. His Vietnamese-born parents gave birth to him. His mother is Quang Ly Lely. His father is Luat Quang Le. He hasn’t given many details about his family, though. He was raised with his two siblings. He is Asian in heritage. Also, he has American citizenship.

Ricegum's Bio

Bryan has always been incredibly attracted to making films and creating music by singing. He also went to Sierra Vista High School. We started contributing gaming videos to his YouTube channel. This channel was eventually founded on September 24, 2012.

RiceGum posted his first video on his experience with Modern Warfare 3 on his YouTube channel. Later, he switched from recording videos to streaming Major League Gaming. Over there he amassed over 30,000 followers.

He returned to YouTube on December 8, 2015. It is after having been absent for a few years. This is with his These Kids Must Be Stopped series, which piqued people’s interest. He also lambasted the musical. ly/app’s Jacob Sartorius, Trey Sartorius, and Loren Beech during his series.

Additionally, in November 2012, RiceGum disclosed his collaboration with Machinima. In reality, in 2017, he also collaborated with CloutGang. His ability to create Vevo thumbnails and YouTube trash recordings helped him gain more recognition.

On the November 2017 Billboard Emerging Artists chart, Le came in at number 25. Additionally, the Recording Industry Association of America awarded his single It’s Every Night Sis platinum certification (RIAO).

Bryan’s YouTube channel, RiceGum, has gained over 10.8 million subscribers. It is as of October 2018. Additionally, he has more than 3.5 million followers on Twitter. Also, he has more than 4.9 million followers on Instagram.

Ricegum’s Relationship

Rice has maintained a fairly discreet personal life. RiceGum has posted numerous photos with a variety of girls on his Instagram page. However, the majority of the time, his female YouTuber peers mistake his fans for being his girlfriend.

Although RiceGum has a tight relationship with well-known YouTubers like Amanda Cerny and Sommer Ray. He has not publicly acknowledged any romance. In actuality, he claims they are simply his close buddies. 

In a similar vein, Alissa Violet, a well-known Instagram personality, was supposed to be dating Bryan. The couple didn’t reveal their relationship to the public, though. Richard, Violet’s boyfriend, and they are together right now.

RiceGum may be seeing someone else in private, but he has never made any mention of his girlfriend, previous relationships, or relationships with other women. He does appear to be living alone with his parents and concentrating more on his profession than on relationships.

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