Ringmaster Teases A ‘Bit Of A Shift’ For The Goldbergs And Talks Her Surprising Masked Singer Nerves

It was eventually Ringmaster’s stint on The Masked Singer that came to an end in the season 7 finale when she was crowned runner-up after the departure of the Prince (who was revealed to be an actor and singer Cheyenne Jackson). In other words, Firefly has won this year’s competitions.

Who Is Ringmaster?

Ringmaster’s actual identity was ultimately exposed, and the circus kitten was revealed as The Goldbergs actress and singer Hayley Orrantia. EW spoke with Orrantia ahead of the show’s unveiling, and she shared her thoughts on The Masked Singer, new songs, and the next season of The Goldbergs.

Ringmaster Teases A 'Bit Of A Shift' For The Goldbergs And Talks Her Surprising Masked Singer Nerves

All three of “Team Good’s” finalists on “The Masked Singer’s” seventh season finale competed for the Golden Mask trophy. “The GoldbergsHayley “‘s Orrantia and “Call Me KatCheyenne “‘s Jackson landed second and third place, after Firefly.

Is it what you expected it to be?

Yes. You know, there’s only so much planning you can do. Why did you believe it would be so difficult to sing in such a setting? Jojo, who played the Black Swan in a previous season, was interviewed for an article. She mentioned singing into her pillow to practice utilizing her diaphragm in a more confined manner, which is how it feels when you’re wearing the mask.

You can’t prepare for a costume party despite the best efforts until you put it on. As a result, they made it a point to attend every rehearsal offered to the work schedule to get a sense of moving about and singing in the outfit.

That said, the rest of the trip was what they had anticipated. Everyone was extremely encouraging and kind, going above and beyond to make you feel at ease and confident on stage. As a result, it was a delightful event.

For the, it was a resounding yes. You have watched the show, and it’s always struck me as crazy and ludicrous, no matter how fun it is. You couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to perform on stage or how difficult singing would be.

Music has been a big part of life since they were a child. The Goldbergs, the finest sitcom ever, cast me, and we were recently renewed for a ninth season. And they fell into acting by accident.

Even though character sings on the program, they haven’t been able to share much about my career as an independent musician; been a blast. It was a great chance to show who they are as an artist. And what better way to achieve this than in a circus tent while costumed as a cat? It was a ton of fun, to be honest.


In the seventh season of “The Masked Singer,” the Firefly, Prince, and Ringmaster will compete against one other in a showdown on May 18. One will take home the Golden Mask at the night’s end.

“In the circus, there’s a lot of fighting going on. Circus and boxing are not sports you participate in, and it’s a way of life for you. “The Ringmaster, a 34-year-old man, stated this.


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