Who Is Rob Kardashian’s Wife 2022? Kardashian’s Young, Daughter, Net Worth

Rob Kardashian has a fanbase for the brilliant Tv series. Moreover, the audience enjoys his presence in several American reality shows. His original name is Robert Arthus Kardashian, and his date of birth is 17th March 1987.

Who Is Rob Kardashian Dating! His Dating Timeline Explained?

At a very early age, he suffered the separation from his parents. However, that does not stop the love from coming into his life.

Rob was very clear about his relationship status from the beginning. That is why we came to know about Adriane Bailon. The couple soon became a hot topic in the entertainment industry in 2007. If you wish to know more about his relationships and current status, keep an eye on the discussion below.

Dating Fundamentals Of Rob Kardashian

Rob became a heartthrob on the famous reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Adrienne was there with him in two consecutive seasons of this series. However, the couple decided to divorce in 2009 mutually due to some issues. After that, Rob became engaged with another girl Angela Simmons, and again it was a very short courtship.

In 2012, people saw Rob with two women, Rita and Rihanna. However, Rita was in his life only for three months. The reason for their breakup was not prominent. According to Rob, Rita was a cheater, but the other side kept mum. Finally, Kardashian decided to end all these short dating phenomena and get involved in a permanent relationship.

Marriage and Children of Rob

The dating history of Rob Kardashian is quite spicy. Moreover, the compilation and rumors about another girl became a part of his life. After breaking up with Naza Jafarian, 2016 marked the beginning of a new period in Rob’s life.

Ultimately, in 2016. After a brief courtship period, Kardashian married Blac Chyna. But the marriage did not last long. The divorce took place in December 2016. However, they have a daughter called Dream.

Although many misunderstandings and allegations ended up in a toxic relationship, they cared a lot for Dream Renee Kardashian. Presently, the romantic affairs of Kardashian are a common topic on Page 3. But these are very casual dating and not heading towards any permanent bonding.

Current Relationship Status of Kardashian

Currently, their Instagram account of Rob Kardashian is full of pictures of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. His ex-wife Chyna influenced him greatly in taking care of his health and fitness.

In 2020, the social media handle of Aileen Giselle proved that the two had a romantic link. But Rob’s family was against this relationship. Although Giselle tried to impress the audience by wearing Rob’s brand, things did not go fine. The break-up took place in 2020 itself. 

So, it is evident from such a long history that their dating timeline of Kardashian was not a satisfying one. He is still searching for peace and a good partner.

This time, for a change, the middle-aged person put all his efforts into some healthy practices. Of course, he is dating someone in the current times also. But no information is available about her now.


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