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American Politician Ron DeSantis Net Worth, Military, Career, Education, House, Car Collection & More!

Ronald Dion DeSantis is a well-known American politician, who serves as the 46th governor of Florida since 2019. Ron DeSantis net worth is $52 Million USD

An ultra-conservative Republican, and a well-wisher of Donald Trump, DeSantis was previously infamous for his mishandlings during the Covid period, his controversial stances against the LGBT community, and his most previous rout for sending two planes of illegal immigrants to Martha Vineyard.

But contrary to the present image, sooner or later he’ll be hitting the paparazzi headlines for being Trump’s lead competitor for the Republican nomination for president in 2024. 

Ron DeSantis Net Worth

This is an area where conflicting opinions arise and create confusion. While some sources claim that DeSantis is a multimillionaire, some others even dare to label his net worth as often ‘boring’, compared to the wealth of his fellow Republicans. Despite these contradicting claims, his political history supports his millionaire status.

Ron DeSantis Net Worth

A renowned Trump loyalist, who spends immense time with wealthy bankers, financiers, and donors, Ron DeSantis net worth is said to be $52 Million USD – a grand fortune that makes him one of the richest governors in the US. For example, he receives a fixed salary of $180,000 as Governor from the Florida Treasury alone.

That being his active income, his passive income supersedes the former as per his assets, investments, and the huge donations that he received over the years. That being the case, DeSantis’s net worth is easily on the rise and is expected to hit the $100 million milestone in the next few years, reports reveal.

Full NameRonald Dion DeSantis
ProfessionAmerican politician
Sources of IncomeProfession
Biggest AssetsLexus GX, Land Rover
ResidenceJacksonville, Florida
Date of Birth14 Sept 1978
Age44 years old
NationalityUnited States
Marital StatusMarried
EducationNaval Justice School (2005), Harvard Law School (2005)
ChildrenMadison DeSantis, Mason DeSantis, Mamie DeSantis
Spouse NameCasey DeSantis
Wealth TypeSelf-made

Ron DeSantis Biography

Born on September 14, 1978, in Jacksonville Florida, DeSantis is a native Floridian who hails from an Italian family that immigrated to the US in 1904. Although his American roots began with his great-great-grandparents settling in the state of Pennsylvania in the early 20th century, his parents first moved to Orlando, Florida, and then to Dunedin Florida when he was six. 

Ron DeSantis Biography

Son of Karen (née Rogers), a nurse, and Ronald Daniel DeSantis, a Nielsen TV rating box installer, DeSantis had a sister named Christina Marie DeSantis, who was born in 1985 and died recently in 2015. DeSantis was also an ardent baseball enthusiast from a very early age and his passion for the game didn’t deteriorate even after reaching the higher echelons.

Ron DeSantis Education

A Yale University graduate, DeSantis studied history during his graduation. After graduating from Yale in 2001 with a B.A Magnum cum laude, he spent a short time as a history teacher at a small school and attended the Harvard Law School, eventually graduating in 2005 with a Juris Doctor/Doctor of Law cum laude.

Ron DeSantis Education

Having double graduation to his name in two distinctive fields, Ron DeSantis is a board-certified attorney too.

Ron DeSantis House

Like most governors in the United States, DeSantis and his family reside in a government mansion, which is situated in Tallahassee, Florida. Even though that’s his official residence, he owns a few real estate property investments across the state in Casey Black’s name – his wife.

Ron DeSantis House

One such prominent property is his expensive home in Jacksonville, which is a 7,000-square-foot mansion with 5 bathrooms and 2 pools. While he initially paid $8 Million for the same, it is currently worth $22 Million. 

Ron DeSantis Cars and Watches

DeSantis, like most wealthy people, is obsessed with expensive toys, primarily cars. Owning that habit, he recently bought a brand new Lexus GX at a price of $41,000 USD in addition to a Land Rover Velar that’s worth $90,000 USD. These two being just recently, he further owns a bunch of other cars like Chevrolet El Camino SS 1970, Audi RS Q8, etc. 

Ron DeSantis Cars

The luxury craze doesn’t end with Cars obviously. The expensive watch collection is another hobby that DeSantis keeps. Hobnobbing with the wealthy donors has certainly paid off, as DeSantis owns a couple of vintage and luxury watches over the years. A Roger Dubuis worth $260,000 USD, a Girard Perregaux worth $160,000 USD, etc are some of the regular watches he happens to wear. Such toys aren’t a dream for the rich, are they?

Ron DeSantis Investment History/ Stock Portfolio 

As investments and net worth are directly related, there are conflicting opinions on this topic as well. While most sources cite that DeSantis doesn’t possess any investments or own any properties, the fact underneath is that most of them are owned in his wife’s name again. Thus, the dilemma.

Records reveal that DeSantis has been investing in stocks since 2010. To illustrate, some of his favorite stocking realms are the Energy, Manufacturing, and Automobile giants like Chevron, Pfizer, Pepsi Co, etc. Even though such companies are known to be strictly regulated by the government, governor DeSantis chooses to invest in them.

Ron DeSantis Social Media Involvement

Even the politicians in the relatively poor or developing Global South understand the power of Social Media these days. The possibilities offered by social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are enormous.

And the Floridian Governor, a seasoned politician in the first-world United States, serves as no exception. Likely so, Ron DeSantis is quite active on the above-said platforms, of which Twitter is where he actively spends the most time. Tweets, much like his Republican counterparts, are a weakness.

But unlike them, DeSantis is not too quick to dispatch one and is rather deliberate in letting the bird out. Be it the carefully generated written posts, videos of people rooting for him, or a Hollywood-level Tom Cruise-style ad, the governor knows his game and plays it well.

In fact, a close study of his social media handles, especially the ads reveals that he has surprisingly broadened his out-of-state ads in the recent period, a sign, say some political analysts that he may be laying the groundwork for a national campaign – a White House run most perhaps.  

Ron DeSantis Military History

A patriot in many senses, DeSantis completed the Justice School in 2005. He was subsequently assigned to the JAG Trial Service Office Command South East at Naval Station Mayport, Florida, as a prosecutor. During his tenure with the Department of Justice, he worked as an assistant US attorney in the US Attorney‘s Office for the Middle District of Florida. Ron DeSantis net worth is estimated to be $52 Million USD.

Ron DeSantis Military History

Due to his steady commitment, he was promoted from lieutenant, junior grade to lieutenant in the next year. In the subsequent years, the US saw him serving and rising to myriads of high-level posts like the Naval Special Warfare Command, Legal Advisor to the SEAL commander & Special Operations Task Force, Special Assistant US attorney, etc. 

Consequently, rendering justice to his exceptional military career, Ron DeSantis was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, and the Iraq Campaign Medal by the US State.

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