Season 2 Of Squid Game Isn’t Expected Until 2024, Creator Says

As a result of the success of Squid Game, Netflix has made no other thrillers from author Hwang Dong-Hyuk since then. It’s impossible to explain how or why Squid Game became such an accomplishment, much like how or why the year 2021 was such a surprise.

Waiting Patiently For Season 2 Of “Squid Game”

However, Hwang has stated that he will not rush the 2nd season of the Squid Game. Hwang recently spoke with Vanity Fair about the series’ conclusion and the fact that fans shouldn’t expect new episodes until 2024 at the earliest.

Season 2 Of Squid Game Isn't Expected Until 2024, Creator Says

Aside from speculating about bigger games, the document stated that “[Hwang] the simplest has about 3 pages of really remarkable thoughts that he will show right in a script.” Hwang also teased the audience with the following words:

Squid Game’s record-breaking success can be attributed to the fact that Hwang attempted to make the concept into a film over a decade ago. He tried to write and promote his film in 2009, but at the time no one was interested in financing his concept and they were not exactly complimentary about the assignment either.

As Hwang recalled, when he was told the concept had become “too unrealistic” to be made into any famous film, he put the script in a drawer and forgot about it for nearly a decade. By the time he got back to it in 2018, everything else was history.

Squid Game’s Second Season Wasn’t Hwang’s First Choice

Soon after Squid Game‘s initial success was announced, Hwang said in several interview appearances that before returning to Squid Game, he had other projects he wanted to work on and could take his time in deciding where to take the new episodes.

Even though he didn’t explicitly mention it, he had already contemplated who might be the season’s central figure. In the past, he said:

Thought about which stories might be included in Season One, and one of them would be The Frontman’s story, according to the show’s creator. Besides focusing on The Frontman, season 2 may also maintain the same sociopolitical message as season 1, but shift the focus to the police instead.

There is a problem with law enforcement all over the world, according to Hwang. It was there that he saw on the worldwide news that the police force may be very late in acting on things – there are more victims or a situation worsens as a result.

Hwang was the only one who could answer all of these questions. Hwang had in mind to bring this up as a potential issue. Hwang may be able to talk about this extra during the season.


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