When Is Selling Sunset Season 6 Coming Out? Release Date, Cast, Trailer!

Even though Christine Quinn appears to continue wreaking havoc among the real estate agents for the foreseeable future, the show’s passionate following is already expecting a possible sixth season.

Season 6 Of Sunset Release Date, Cast, Trailer

A new season is expected to bring back all of the characters viewers have come to know and love. It seems unlikely that Maya Vander will attend the conference, as she has mentioned that she prefers to spend time with her family in Miami rather than attend.

Season 6 Of Sunset Release Date, Cast, Trailer

A series of crisis dialogues took place in the wake of the season five finale when Christine Quinn was accused of sabotage by Emma Hernan, leading to her dismissal from the corporation.

Selling Sunset Season 6 Cast

A cast member of The Oppenheim Group since season one, Maya Vander, has revealed that she is unclear whether or not to return for the show’s upcoming season. In recent months, Maya, her husband, and their two children relocated from California to Miami, where they now reside.

Before she made the decision to move, she had been commuting across the country on a regular basis. It’s no secret that Maya isn’t happy with how little screen time she’s had in recent seasons of Selling sunset.

With a sense of resentment in her voice, she lamented the reality that she had invested so much energy into the project just to have so little of herself visible in the final product.


Even though it took a lot of time and effort, I’m happy with the final result. The audience is more interested in hearing “here’s Maya selling a house” when it comes to “extra drama.”

Selling Sunset Season 6 plot

Fans are excited to witness what happens after Chrishell and Jason’s separation in December 2021 and how they handle it. It depends on when the program resumes production.

The couple decided to call it quits one year after their six-month courting (which was seen in season five) in July 2021 owing to their divergent views on starting a family.

Selling Sunset Season 6 Chelsea, Christine Quinn

“I’ve tried to embrace this climate, including being frank and honest about my relationships,” Chrishell said in an interview.

to even contemplate the possibility that I would not achieve what the rest of society considers a success, let alone what I originally set out to achieve,” but after much soul-searching, I have opted to consider it a success regardless of the public label,”

Viewers may learn more about Christine Quinn’s future at The Oppenheim Group as well as the future of Chelsea, Vanessa, and Emma in this episode.

Season 6 Of Selling Sunset Release Date

It’s possible that some of these elements will be revealed in the season five finale despite Netflix not officially announcing the release date, narrative, or returning cast members for Season 6.

A particular couple (Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim) will get more screen time due to their split occurring after season five was filmed.

A member of The Oppenheim Group may join the cast for season six. Selling Sunset’s previous seasons was all accessible to stream via Netflix. Netflix will almost certainly release Season 6 of Selling Sunset.


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