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Mexico’s Most Successful Racer Sergio Perez Net Worth, Childhood, Career!

As of now, one of the biggest names that can be heard from F1 fans across the globe is Sergio Perez. Perez is one of the most well-known and experienced Formula-1 racers who has created a name for himself in the world of Racing and is currently competing in the 11th season of F1 Racing.

He also has a record of securing second place during the 2010’s GP2 Series. During this race, Perez created a lot of sensation around him due to his expertise in Racing. 

Mexico’s Most Successful Racer Sergio Perez Net Worth And Childhood!

As a result of his talent and expertise with the racing car, he also has a huge fan base across the globe. He has also managed to get multiple medals and nominations. Again, in 2011 Perez made his F1 racing debut with Sauber. 

Sergio Perez Net Worth

As of recent reports, the thirty-two years F1 racer from Mexico is popularly hailed for his defensive move against Hamilton during the final race in 2021. Due to his defensive moves, Verstappen won and became the “Grand Prix” championship winner in 2021.

One of the most interesting things about Perez is that he is a very experienced and strong racer who acts like a fighter when on track. He is well-known for going to extremes and taking major risks while in a race to finish.

Sergio Perez Net Worth

As of current financial reports on Sergio Perez, it can be concluded that he has a net worth of about seventy-five million dollars. Most of the capital is gained from the sponsorship deals and his time on the race tracks, where he would get paid huge amounts of money for showcasing his excellent and jaw-dropping motor skills.

Perez also has a recorded annual salary of about twelve million dollars. When it comes to his car collections, one can easily see that Perez has a taste for speed and luxury, as most of his cars are among the best in the world.

The list of all the cars owned by Sergio Perez includes,

  • Bugatti Chiron.
  • BMW X7.
  • Mercedes Benz AMG.
  • Porsche Manama.
  • McLaren 720S.

These cars are also among some of the world’s costliest models. They have been imported from Europe itself, specifically for Perez.

Sergio Perez Childhood

Sergio Perez came into this world in January 1990 in Guadalajara, Mexico. He grew up in Mexico and attended a local high school to continue his early studies.

Perez lived in his hometown alongside his family, including his two siblings, Paola Perez and Antonio Paraz. His elder brother, Antonio, is also a racer and started working as a racer back in the year 2008.

One of the most interesting things about Paraz’s childhood is that his father, Antonio Garibay, is also one of the most famous racers in Mexico. He also has a lot of magnificent racing history but later dropped his career to help Adrian Fernandez to build and manage his career as a popular Indycar racer.

Sergio Perez career

Perez always had a childhood dream of one day becoming a well-known racer similar to his father, Antonio. It was this desire and fire to be like his father that allowed the young Mexican boy to start racing in ‘Shifter Karts’ at just the age of nine.

After taking part and winning in most of the ‘Shifter Karts’ races, Perez decided to move up in his career as a racer. He had decided to participate in a ‘single-seater’ car race, in which he participated in the ‘Skip Barber National Championship.’ 

In the championship, he had gotten into the eyes of a prominent Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim, who would later help him achieve his dreams of becoming a prominent F1 racer.

Although Perez is an excellent team player when on track, his teammates even find it difficult to keep up with his ever-changing moves to win the race. Due to this, Perez has also created a reputation for being a ruthless Mexican F1 driver while on track.

In his career as a racer, he has managed to master the tracks and is often regarded as one of the most high expertise racers who know how to manipulate the tires to gain maximum speed and performance.

Perez is also quite an analytical racer who always plans all the moves before starting to get into the races. He has managed to work with some of the well-known companies in the world, including Sauber, Force India, and McLaren.

Another point that makes Sergio Perez one of the greatest F1 racers from Mexico is that he currently holds more points than any other Mexican racer ever managed to achieve during their career.

Sergio Perez Relationship

Currently, Sergio Perez is married to a Mexican socialite and model, Carola Martinez. The duo tied the knot back in June of 2018 in their hometown of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Sergio Perez Relationship

The couple already has two children with whom they reside in Mexico at their 15,000 sq. Feet luxury mansion.

Sergio Perez Personal Details

Sergio Perez has an overall height of about 1.73 meters and a total bodyweight of about 63kgs. He is currently thirty-two years of age and has quite a healthy figure.

He is also popularly known for being very sporty and entertaining at times.

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