Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White’s Age, Net Worth In 2022, Wife, Girlfriend, Children

35-year-old Shaun White, a native of San Diego, California, and a former professional snowboarder and skateboarder is an American. In addition to being a five-time Olympian and a three-time Olympic gold medalist in half-pipe snowboarding, Shaun is an Olympic legend.

Shaun White’s Age, Net Worth In 2022, Wife, Girlfriend, Children

Cathy and Roger have one more child, Shaun, who is the last to be born. White underwent two surgeries as a baby because of a cardiac condition. Soon after his recovery, he was back on the slopes, snowboarding and capturing the attention of the ladies’ attention.

Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White's Age, Net Worth In 2022, Wife, Girlfriend, Children

White’s notoriety grew beyond the realm of snowsports. When he competed in the original (summer) X Games, he became the first skater to win gold medals in the vertical skateboarding competition in 2007 and 2011.

He was born to Cathy and Roger White on September 3, 1986, making him the couple’s youngest child. A five-time Olympian, he’s a household name.

Date of birthSeptember 3, 1986
Height1.75 m
Weight70 kg
Net worth$65 million
Zodiac signVirgo

Quick Facts About Shaun White

Shaun White‘s two most important accomplishments are:

  • When Shaun White isn’t snowboarding or skateboarding, he enjoys playing the guitar.
  • When Shaun White was just 7 years old, he received an offer of sponsorship.

Earnings Of Shaun White

Shaun’s annual salary is expected to reach $10 million by 2022.

The Early Years Of Shaun White’s Life

Snowboarder Shaun White, a 35-year-old American, is a half-pipe snowboarding gold medalist. To his parents, Shaun is their eldest son. It wasn’t long before he returned to his daredevil ways after he recovered from two heart surgeries.

White grew up on motorcycles in the Southern California mountains with his family. They’d spend the night in the parking lots of the resort in a car.

About Shaun White’s Profession And Wealth

The estimated net worth of Shaun White in 2022 is $65 million. From the beginning, White’s qualities drew admirers. After meeting White at the Encinitas YMCA Skate Park when he was nine years old, professional skateboarder Tony Hawk mentored White and helped him become a professional skateboarder at age sixteen.

White has won numerous skateboarding competitions, in which he excels. One of Shaun’s greatest accomplishments was to be the first person to win the X Games in both the Summer and the Winter.

The Girlfriend Of Shaun White

White had a six-year relationship with Sarah Barthel, but the two decided to break up in 2019. In 2019, he began a relationship with actress Nina Dobrev. Shaun White and Nina Dobrev were introduced to each other by mutual friends.

During the Teen Choice Awards in 2012, they were introduced for the very first time. Afterward, White gave Dobrev a gift, but they never spoke again.

Nina and Shaun have been together since 2022. Shaun has a fascinating tidbit to share with you: “The Flying Tomato” is Shaun White’s nickname in the snowboarding community, and he doesn’t like it.


As a snowboarder and skateboarder, Shaun is one of the greatest in history.


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