Who Is Simon Cowell’s Wife Now? Net Worth, Wife, Age, Son, Bio, Career

Simon Cowell is a prevalent reality show judge, businessman and record executive from England. He is very much famous, or rather notorious, for his biting and the sarcastic remarks and insults about the contestants in the reality shows. He is prevalently known for signing successful boybands likewise One Direction, CNCO, and Westlife.

Simon Cowell’s Net Worth 2022

As of 2021, Simon’s net worth is predicted to be nearly $650 million. It is also reported that his earnings annually total nearly $95 million which is an amalgamation of all ventures. In 2017 Forbes reported that Simon Cowell’s earnings were nearly $43.5 million and also listed him in the list of top 100 wealthiest super-star placing him at a place 50.

Simon Cowell's Wife, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Son, Bio, Career

The source of his net worth fortune is earning from Syco Entertainment which is classified into 3 classifications that are Film, Music, and TV. From the Got Talent franchises, and X-Factor Cowell makes an eight-figure income from each of them. Also, another source of his net worth is Syco Entertainment’s music division which has sold over 200 million albums.

Not only has this, but some assets of him we know of that to him also involve his London home worth nearly £10 million, Simon’s New York home worth nearly £7.61 million, his Rolls Royce, Smart Car, and several other German machines.

Date of birth7 October 1959
Height1.75 m
Weight183 lbs
ProfessionActor, Businessman
Net Worth$600 million
Zodiac SignLibra

Simon Cowell’s Wife

In 2012, Cowell and Lauren Silverman began dating. In July 2012, her ex-husband Andrew Silverman filed for a divorce, mentioning betrayal by his wife Lauren Silverman and calling Simon Cowell as a co-respondent. Also, the news of the divorce filing became public two weeks later when it was broadly reported that the couple Lauren and Cowell are anticipating a child together.

At that period Cowell came forward and said that he will clear everything when the time is correct. In August 2013, the Silvermans settled their documents of divorce out of court, enabling Simon to avert being named as a spectator in split-up records.

Later on, Simon assured them that his beautiful girlfriend, Lauren was pregnant with his kid, and on 14th February 2014, she gave birth to their first baby boy, Eric Cowell. The young boy is named after his paternal grandfather Eric Selig Philip Cowell.

Earlier dating Lauren, he dated the English host Terri for 6 years from 2002 to 2008. After this, he was also engaged to make-up artist Mezhgan from 2010 to 2011 but things didn’t go well and they divided.

Simon Cowell’s Age

This richest man is 61-year-old and was born in 1959 on October 7th.

Simon Cowell’s Kids

According to the reports, Eric is the only child of Simon from Silverman. She gave birth to Eric on 14th February 2014.


He began his career in the year 1980 by forming Fanfare Record with lain Burton, originally selling exercise videos, and music from the acts after lifting the job in EMI. Whereas, in the year 2001, he was given the role of judge on the first season of Pop Idol called Gareth Gates and Will Young.

However, on 11th January 2010, he left American Idol and was substituted by Steven Tyler. He has also been involved in several charity works for numerous years and also supports animal rights. He donated money to the Manchester Dogs Home across England after it was hit by a big fire.


He got an opportunity to act as a runner on the set of the movie ‘The Shining,’ but he left as he could not get along with several other staff members. Whereas, his interest in music and television sanctioned him to move up the ladder and he became an assistant to an A & R executive in 1979.

In addition, in 2004, he formed a music competition titled ‘The X Factor. The initial U.K version of the show was so accomplished that it was adapted into several versions across the globe.

In 2018, it was disclosed that Cowell had generated his first BBC show titled ‘The Greatest Dancer,’ which debuted in January 2019.


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