Softball Injuries Force Nick Jonas To Seek Medical Help!!

American actor and musician Nick Jonas took part in a softball game on Sunday. The hospital footage of the Jonas Brothers singer has gone viral on social networks.

After Suffering An Injury Playing Softball, Nick Jonas Was Taken To The Hospital!!

In-Page Six’s video, Nick and his brother Kevin can be seen limping into the hospital. They say Nick was playing softball when the ball got stuck in his pants and he tried to get it out.

Softball Injuries Force Nick Jonas To Seek Medical Help

Kevin Jonas arrived at the hospital in a Range Rover to pick up Nick Jonas, who was still wearing his softball shirt. Nick was forced to limp back to the car after they entered the wrong room.

Malti Marie, The Couple’s First Child, Was Born In January Of This Year!!

A fan page re-posted a video obtained by Page Six. In their well-wishes, Nick’s fans noted that such injuries were nothing new for the actor. A fan commented, “That poor guy. Good luck to him! While one person said, “Oh no, not Nick again,” another said, “Priyanka is on her way to help him when she gets back,” There’s more. What a miserable Nick you are, what with all your injuries.

Kevin contacted Pri when he was injured on his bike for the second time in the same manner. Every time Kevin calls Privileged Pri, there is bad news.” According to a fan, Priyanka is worried about Nick Jonas, and as a result, he needs to stop injuring himself. You jerk, please stop injuring yourself and raising the blood pressure of my daughter.

In order for Nick and Priyanka to attend the game together, she had to stay in Paris on Sunday. Anne Hathaway and BLACKPINK’s Lisa attended a Bulgari event in the city. Priyanka captioned an Instagram photo of the three of them with: “And then there was us.”

Priyanka spent the last week of the month filming Citadel, her web series. When she gave birth to her daughter, Malti Marie Chopra Jonas, she took a few months off from filmmaking. She’ll appear in three other films as well: Jee Le Zaraa, Ending Things, and It’s All Coming Back To Me.

Singer Nick Jonas Suffered An Injury While Out On The Field Playing Softball!

During Nick Jonas’s trip to the hospital, Page Six acquired his softball shirt, which was on him when he was driven there by his brother, Kevin Jonas. After realizing they had entered the wrong room, Nick hobbled back to the car with Kevin. Friends and family wished Nick well and wished him a speedy recovery. Those concerned about the well-being of Priyanka Chopra Jonas and her family have expressed their sympathies to the actress.

Priyanka Chopra Gives A First Look At Her Paris Event In A Video Posted On YouTube!

For business reasons, Priyanka Chopra was unable to join Nick Jonas for his softball game in Paris. Sky Is Pink actor accompanied by singer Lisa Blackpink and actress Anne Hathaway She wrote in the caption of an Instagram photo, “It’s been a while since I’ve seen this.” That’s when we encountered those. When it comes to a girl, nothing is more important than having a good time! It was a treat to watch the three women enjoy themselves while making a statement with their stylish attire at the event.

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