How And Where Did Steven Stayner Die? Steven Stayner Story, Wife, Siblings, Children

Steven Stayner, a seven-year-old boy from Merced, California, was kidnapped by child abusers Kenneth Parnell and Ervin Edward Murphy. Convincing the kid that his parents had lawfully handed him over to the captor was a major factor in the boy’s refusal to use his escape choices, even though they were available and legal.

Steven Stayner Wife, Siblings, Children, And Complete Details About Family

When he was a teenager, Parnell sought to recruit him to help him kidnap other young boys. However, Stayner claims to have ruined a number of those attempts. After successfully snatching the five-year-old from his parents’ house, Parnell managed to free Stayner and Timothy White.

Steven Stayner Story, Wife, Siblings, Children, death cause

When it came to sentencing, Murphy was given a lesser term than Parnell, who had been caught and found guilty of child molestation.

Steven Stayner’s Ages And Early Years

Steven Gregory Stayner was born on April 18, 1965, in Merced, California, to Delbert and Kay Stayner. He admired his older brother Cary and his three younger sisters.

Steven Stayner’s Abduction

Steven Stayner was born and raised in Merced, California, in the heart of a big family. Seven-year-old Stayner was lured home from school by a stranger who claimed to be his mother. Stayner vanished as soon as he got into his automobile and was never seen again.

The kidnappers were Ervin Murphy, an associate of convicted child molester Kenneth Parnell. His family convinced Stayner that they no longer wanted him and that Parnell had taken on the role of “dad” in their absence. Dennis Parnell became Stayner after his name was altered by Parnell. While Parnell tortured and twisted Stayner for seven years, Stayner’s family fought to keep the case open.

How Steven Stayner Managed To Evade Capture

In 1980, Parnell abducted and assaulted a 5-year-old boy named Timothy White. The 14-year-old Stayner has said that occasion was a watershed moment in his life in subsequent interviews. Timmy’s suffering was too much for Stayner to stomach, he told the Los Angeles Times afterward.

An opportunity arose just two weeks after White’s kidnapping. Between that time and the arrest, Stayner had kidnapped White and the two of them had fled to White’s hometown of Ukiah in California, where they were apprehended.

Stayner informed police that his first name was Steven, but that he couldn’t recall his whole last name. It didn’t take long for the police to figure out who he really was and bring him home to his family.

How did Steven Stayner fare following his captivity?

Stayner’s struggle didn’t end when he got home. Stayner’s attempts to re-establish himself in “normal” society were thwarted after the Parnell trial when the specifics of the sexual assault he had undergone were made public.

He did, however, find a path forward in the end. Stayner married Jody in 1985 when he was just twenty years old. The couple had two children.

In 1989, Stayner’s narrative was picked up by Hollywood. “I Know My First Name Is Steven” was a two-night miniseries on NBC that featured Kevin Stayner as an advisor and a police officer. The miniseries was nominated for four Emmy Awards. After this occurrence, Stayner’s life was cruelly cut short.

What Was Steven Stayner’s Death Cause?

The night before the Emmys, Stayner was riding his motorbike home from work when he was hit and murdered by a vehicle that fled the scene. An accident that resulted in catastrophic head injuries claimed his life at the age of 24. This quick end to an already difficult existence was a shock.


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