Is ‘Stranger Things 4 ‘ Will Byers A Gay? It’s More Complicated Than It Appears


Although the first episode of Stranger Things was titled “The Vanishing of Will Byers,” Will gradually gained his own identity and voice over the course of the show’s four seasons. Stranger Things Still reserved in comparison to the other teenagers, Will stands out more this time around.

For the town of Hawkins, Noah Schnapp’s character is being prepared for a major development that could have a long-term impact. To discuss the widely held fan belief that Will created the Upside Down in the first season is out of place here.

Stranger Things 4: Will Byers Suspected To Be A Gay

Many of Will’s admirers have long suspected that he is gay. Season four delves deeper than ever before into the idea of shy, sensitive children growing up and falling in love with mature men.

This observation was made by Will’s fans because he was looking into Alan Turing. Even more, evidence has emerged since the start of the fourth season that those who gave him the nickname Will Bi-ers were correct. (It was our fault.) By the way, we’re known as “fans.”)

He may have done this because he had feelings for Eleven, the other girl in his life, according to some theories.

Further evidence that this pattern may persist comes from Will’s reaction in the second episode to Mike’s return from his exile. It is possible that Will feels jealous of Eleven’s companionship because his friend is also there. Perhaps.

Or perhaps Will is envious of Eleven’s relationship with Mike, his best friend and the one person he truly desires. Alternatively, Will may be mimicking Byers’ bisexuality by flirting with both of them.

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Will’s Advice To Mike

Will warns Mike in the fifth episode Of stranger things that being truthful may be difficult. “It’s normal to feel anxious when putting yourself out there in public like that. Pay special attention to the people you care about the most. in case the truth doesn’t go down well with them.”

To express his feelings for Mike, Will repurposed Mike’s story as a vehicle for his own self-promotion. Will can now demonstrate to Mike how much he cares for him in this way. Eleven once again demonstrated her unwavering devotion to him in this scene. So why not imagine how Mike would react to discovering that his best friend has a secret crush on the woman he’s currently dating?

How do you tell the two apart? As for the current state of Will’s feelings for Mike, Digital Spy recently spoke with Finn Wolfhard, who confirmed that these feelings are indeed “going towards a more adorable, kind of emotional, romantic devotion.”

Even though the specifics aren’t entirely clear, we get the impression that it’s at least a little homosexual. In the end, platonic love between men is a reality. When it comes to their unique qualities, Mike and Finn appear to have mutual respect for each other’s uniqueness.

When asked about Netflix in a recent interview, he said, “For those who’ve been following the show, you know that Will has no interest in pursuing any kind of relationship with El. He has a crush on one of the other gang members…”

There has been no significant effort to establish this beyond what gay people are taught at a young age and which is then so widely rejected as a subtext.

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Since such subtleties are often missed in interviews, the interviewer’s tone, which can be summarised as “oh so apparent,” can be off-putting.


This does not, however, imply that the story of Will’s sexual orientation should be concluded as quickly as possible. This is also true when you’re trying to figure out who you are in real life.

Will’s story is shrouded in a haze because the author is afraid to depict adolescent queerness in a realistic light, rather than simply allowing the character to slowly come out of the closet. That’s because Will’s father is the focus of the report.

This was the episode in which Will’s sexuality was established. This statement may not have anything to do with Will’s sexual orientation, according to the researchers.


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