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Sylvester Stallone On Rocky Producer, Untalented And Parasitical

Sylvester Stallone speaks out about the Rocky producer who reportedly halted the production of possible Rocky sequels. After years of closing up the Rocky franchise, Sylvester Stallone addresses the franchise’s producer.

Sylvester Stallone Being Bossy

Sylvester Stallone turned to Instagram on Saturday to criticize Rocky producer Irwin Winkler. The legendary actor discussed the behind-the-scenes facts, claiming that Winkler prevented the next three films in the franchise from being made.

Sylvester Stallone On Rocky Producer, Untalented And Parasitical'

Stallone lashed out at the producer through his son David Winkler, who blasted David’s latest book on social media. Stallone assessed the book in a lengthy post, saying, “You know I love reading and I’ve read countless novels but I have to say THIS one is by far the worst! If you ever run out of toilet paper, PLEASE get this one; you will not be disappointed.”

He went on to criticize the manufacturer, saying, “It’s incredibly absorbent, this awful useless dreck was written by the untalented David Winkler, who is the son of the incredibly untalented and parasitical Producer of Rocky and Creed.”

Stallone also mentioned late producer Robert Chartoff in his letter, saying, “Even though I scarcely ever saw him around in all those years, the one and only Irwin Winkler and wife Margot.

I admired and adored his beautiful companion ROBERT CHARTOFF, who had true brilliance and SOUL but died far too young…”

The actor closed his message with a resounding condemnation of the Rocky staff, saying, “Frankly, that crew is the worst inhuman creatures I’ve ever met in the movie industry.”

I will always be grateful to my fans and will continue to punch!!! REMEMBER HOW GOOD IT FEELS TO CLEAR YOUR HEART…”

In 1976, “Rocky” won Best Picture, and Stallone was nominated for both his performance as ambitious boxer Rocky Balboa and his writing. Stallone was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the 2015 sequel “Creed.”

The first five “Rocky” films were solely produced by Irwin Winkler and Chartoff, with the 2006 addition “Rocky Balboa” including sons David and Charles Winkler.

The film was written, directed, and acted by Sylvester Stallone.

Meanwhile, Stallone, along with Irwin, David, and Charles Winkler, is a producer on all of the “Creed” films, including the upcoming “Creed III.” Stallone, on the other hand, will not feature in the third picture, which will be released in theatres on November 23 and directed by lead star Michael B. Jordan.

In a subsequent Instagram post, Stallone claimed there is an ownership dispute over the franchise’s half-century run. In 2019, Stallone informed Variety that he has “zero ownership” of “Rocky.” “Every misspelled word, phrase, and grammatical error was all my fault.,” Stallone claimed.

Stallone stated that he addressed the studio before “Rocky IV” in 1985, citing licensing concerns, saying, “Does it scare you guys that I’ve written every word, choreographed it and directed it and I don’t have 1 percent to leave for my children?”

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