Is Teasing Master Takagi-San Going To End? Chapter 160 Release Date! List Of 300 More Chapters!

The news of the release date for the next chapter of Takagi-San will make the fans happy, indeed. Recently, the audience experienced a surprise from the author. Yamamoto decided to fool the viewers on 1st April, April Fool’s Day. From the teaser, everybody thought that Nishikata and Takagi were finally going to spend some romantic moments on a date.

Teasing Master Takagi-San Chapter 160: 300 More Chapters! Release Date

The creator of the series intentionally released the teaser of the special chapter of Confessions for the audience. But soon everybody understood that it was only a prank and nothing of that sort would happen in the story soon.

Is Teasing Master Takagi-San Going To End Chapter 160  Release Date!

But the viewers are still not sure about the real chapter and its release date. It is a wonderful piece of news as we say that Teasing Master Takagi-San Chapter 160 will soon release, making all the predictions coming to an end.

The New Chapter Of Takagi-San

It is time to declare the results of the individual tests. Although Takagi-San is the deserving one to top the test, it seems that it will not be so. Instead, the highest scores will go to the bucket of Nishikata. The fans of Takagi can become upset after this result, but the subsequent storyline will surely make them happy.

As per the flying news coming from the author, Nishikata will be the topper, but that too with Takagi’s help. So, finally, he decides to give a special treat to the lovely girl. How will be that treat? It is something really marvelous to watch.

The Trick of the Previous Chapter

The surprise in Chapter 159 beautifully presented the story at first. The audience became very happy to find that Nishikata was only thinking about Takagi’s pretty face. The walk on the beach, those special moments together, and the amazing bond that they experienced made Nishikata realize how he liked Takagi. Moreover, soon he will also understand that this is not only “like” but love.

Therefore, he decided to confess his feelings for Takagi the next day. Although this pleasant thought impressed the viewers very much, it was only for a temporary time. The surprise was only to fool the viewers. Many of the fans became sad after getting to know the author’s real intention. The statement from the makers says that these scenes will become a reality only after 300 more chapters.

Chapter 160 to Come Soon

However, a small surprise encouraged more viewers to catch the next chapter. They predict that some exciting scenes will definitely be there between Nishikata and Takagi and that Nishikata will feel a deep connection with the lovely girl.

The confirmation about the final date of release of Chapter 160 is not still there. But, predictably, the digital grounds will premier the next chapter pretty soon in April 2022. You can expect it to come by 12th April. Yamamoto’s magical creations are available only on the Monthly Shonen of Shogakukan, which comes on every Sunday.

The official pages contain all the previous episodes and further information about the anime. The new audience must check the last chapters to get the connection with the upcoming ones.


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