The Boys Antony Starr Issues A Dramatic Statement

A dramatic statement was released on social media by Homelanders Vought International regarding the starlight’s decision at the end of Herogasm.

The Boys Antony Starr Issues A Dramatic Statement Related To Starlight

Vought International’s Homelander recently issued a very dramatic statement on Starlight after her actions in the fiction series The Boys: Herogasm’s one the episode. The Boys: Herogasm is a series based on the comics of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

The Boys Antony Starr Issues A Dramatic Statement

Erin Moriarty appears as Annie January/Starlight in this Amazon prime video series. As of now the third season of the show is streaming in which Antony Starr appears as Homelander. Apart from Antony, Karl Urban and Jack Quaid appear in the show as Billy Butcher and Hughie respectively. 

The sixth episode of the third season of the Prime Series witnessed a scene where Butcher and Hughie were teaming up with Jensen Ackles Soldier boy. This teaming up was an effort to help the soldier boy to locate and kill his old teammates.

In return for this help, they wanted the soldier boy to slay the homeland. Butcher and Hughie were seeing the soldier boy as the only one who is capable of killing Homelander. Home lander who is the controller of Vought International and after all this, there is a scene of a dreadful showdown in which many died. After all, these fights Starlight made up her mind to quit and she broadcasted her resignation on her social media account to millions of her followers. 

The episode ends with starlight’s message which was sent to her followers and this was a situation where everyone was left thinking what will happen next? Later on, Vought International made a statement addressing the scenario.

In the statement, Vought reportedly assured all its shareholders that the situation is totally under control and they blamed Starlight’s action as nothing but “crazed jealousy” after the Homelander ended their relationship. Vought International shared a long statement on Twitter which has received around 100k likes and more than 9.8k retweets till now. 

The prime show has made a lot of use of social media platforms as a powerful tool to promote itself. Twitter is full of memes and parodies of the show. There was a big PR twist in which Starlight and Homelander announced that they both are dating each other. 

Now as Homelander pushed out the previous CEO of Vought Internationals, Stan Edgar the heavy burden of running The Seven is now on his and Ashley Barrett‘s shoulders. Neither Ashly nor Homelander has the record of operating with a good moral level in any way.

Now it will be interesting to see what happens in the rest of the episodes. One thing is sure all these scenarios are taking the show to a great finale which is all sure to glue the audience to their screens. The Boys Season 3 has become one of the loved series which is making very great use of Social media to increase the craze of the show among the audience. You can watch this series on Amazon Prime.

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