The Couple Of Chrisley Knows Best Convicted Of Fraud!!! “Heart-Breaking Time For Family”

The renowned couple behind the show, Chrisley Knows Best, has been convicted after the federal prosecutors charge the couple with bank fraud. The pair have been said to undergo a number of violations including illegally obtaining money from taxes and from the whole United States. The case was charged upon them earlier this month. 

The Couple Of Chrisley Knows Best Convicted Of Fraud

In the latest episode of Chrisley Confessions, Todd shared the pathetic situation of him and his wife Julie, who is also accused of internet fraud. The couple is currently unable to share the updates as they are not made free to talk about the conspiracies directly to the public.

The Couple Of Chrisley Knows Best Convicted Of Fraud

If convicted, sentencing is prepared for 30 whole years, from October 6. The situation is said to be under control and would not affect the release of part 2 of season 9 on June 23. After all, the show must go on.

The episodes were shot before the examination of shreds of evidence and thus can be screened despite the poor situation. The shooting for the episodes of the tenth season has not been planned yet. It is unclear whether the show would miss the presence of both Todd and Julie in the upcoming seasons of the hit series. 

The crime of Todd is stated as fraudulently approaching the local banks and creating a loan of at least $30 million, and covering millions from the tax department. He even filed for bankruptcy and paid more than $20 million.

Though Chrisley is released, for now, the court has made it clear that he would be house-prisoned and he will be under close watch by the detectives on locations.

Since the situation has gotten worse, the fanatics can only wait till the chaos ends. The explanation shall be discussed only after a while, it seems. The family is waiting for God’s miracle to happen as the time is very heartbreaking for them. 

The financial crime the pair has committed has been viral and the family is gaining more attention than ever before.

In the first public speaking session after the charge, Todd added that he is thriving to talk about the actuality behind the issue to everyone, but unfortunately, the situation asks for the other. 

For a long time, the couple has been facing different issues in their life ever since their unison. From health to wealth, they stood hand-in-hand which inspired many people around the world and now the same world is raiding numerous questions against them. 

Until the status clears, the heat would go on. The only point of having a sigh of relief is that the sentencing has got nothing to do with the current shooting schedule.  The remaining information has not been shared by the crew members regarding the announced season 10 casting or filming. 

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