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Tom Selleck’s Net Worth, Wife, Age, Daughter!

Tom Selleck is the first you will be able to hear when it comes to some of the most well-known names of the 80s American Hollywood actors.

Who Is Tom Selleck? Net Worth, Wife, Age, Daughter, And More!

He is one of those legendary actors who has performed some roles in all types of movies and is quite experienced. Despite his age, he is still acting to this day in various television series and some movies, including the popular series Magnum PI.

Tom Selleck's Net Worth, Wife, Age, Daughter!

He is the most recognizable figure from 80s Hollywood; even though his career as an actor went well before the 80s, it was his golden years. 

Tom Selleck was also a producer, but he is best known for his popular roles in some worldwide famous television series and movies.

At the beginning of 2010, Tom Started starring in another globally hit television series named ‘Blue Bloods.’

He currently has a net worth of about forty-five million dollars and earns more than two hundred thousand monthly. Most of the capital comes from his acting and production house.

Who Is Tom Selleck?

Tom Selleck, whose real name is Thomas William Selleck, came into this world in January of 1945 in his early hometown of Detroit, Michigan. Still, later his family moved to another town Sherman Oaks, CA, where they had decided to settle permanently.

The reason for relocation was never disclosed to the public. Still, it was well known that he was raised alongside three of his other siblings in his family. As a result, he used to be very good at teamwork, which paid off a lot later in life.

Who Is Tom Selleck

Tom had completed his early study at the local high school in Sherman Oaks, CA.

During his school years, he used to live with his parents. Still, he later moved out of his parent’s home to study at Los Angeles Vally College, where he had gotten a scholarship for basketball, and decided to move to another college, which was the famous Univerity of Southern California, where he joined after winning the basketball championship and getting a scholarship.

He had also taken up business administration as his major subject. Still, as time passed, he would drop it eventually and move on to another career that would change his life forever.

During his time in college, one of Tom’s teachers suggested that he should take up acting as another new activity, which he agreed to do.

But, the interesting thing regarding Tom was that he had a built-in talent for acting which he found out. By the end of the final year, he was completely focused on acting as a potential career option.

But, in 1967, the US-Vietnam conflict began. It finally led to his forced drafting into the army, where he served as a Californian coast guard until 1973, when he was finally released.

He later made a movie about his experience as a soldier during the US-Vietnam war.

Tom Selleck’s Net Worth

Tom has a total net worth of more than forty-five million dollars and has a monthly salary of about two hundred thousand dollars. Most of this money comes from his acting in several globally popular television series and movies. Still, some also come from his production house.

He was one of the most wealthy and recognizable Hollywood stars from the 80s who played a crucial role during the initial stages of the worldwide famous television series ‘Magnum PI.’

He is popularly known for his acting skills and ability to act in all types of movies during the 80s.

Tom Selleck’s Age

He is 77 years Old

Personal Life / Wife

When it comes to Tom’s personal life, he is quite a simple man who is an outdoorsman as well as a shooter. He is an outspoken and important member of the NRA.

He has a good appetite for competitive sports, including basketball, but prefers other sports.

During his daughter’s childhood, he was one of the best fathers, as his daughter Hannah remarked during an interview on the life of Tom Selleck.

Tom got married in 1987, and since then, he has been living with his long-time wife, Jilli Joan Mack.

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