Tristan Thompson Sends Ex Khloe Kardashian’s Mom Kris Jenner Flowers

Controversies in Hollywood never seem to be at rest. There are always one or the other issues which become a household matter of discussion. In one of the recent kinds of this news, there is yet another issue in which the famous Hollywood actor, Tristan Thompson, is making a level best attempt to win over the heart of his ex Khloe Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner.

Does Tristan Thompson Send Khloe Kardashian’s Mom Flowers After The Paternity Scandal?

All of this happened right after he had his love child with Maralee just 5 months ago. This issue has created a huge amount of controversy exactly in the same way as it happened 6 months ago.

Tristan Thompson Sends Ex Khloe Kardashian's Mom Kris Jenner Flowers

Just 6 months ago, he admitted that Maralee was pregnant with his child. All of this happened when he was already in a relationship with Khloe. This matter had technically heartbroken the Hollywood actress. She did not even have the guts to face the world and even try to love again.

She has become Numb for the time being and is completely unresponsive to any feeling. There are also speculations that she is slipping into depression.

Courage To Create Controversy

Despite having already created so many problems in her life, this actor now has the strength and the courage to face her mother. On Mother’s Day, Kris’s mother was given a beautiful bouquet of white and pink roses. He had also sent a beautiful greeting card and expressed that everything is below a mother, and he genuinely respects this lady as his mother.

This has been something very new to Kris. In addition to sending a beautiful bouquet of roses on Mother’s Day, Tristian also posted on Instagram a sweet picture of Kris and him. He also wrote a super sweet caption. Nobody has been able to understand the real intention due to which he is doing the same.

Exchange Of Reactions

It is important to mention that Tristian had not shared anything on social media platforms concerning the occasion of Mother’s Day-related to his mother or parents. But this year, he did it for his ex’s mother.

This has raised a huge amount of eyebrows because he did that with a mother whose daughter he cheated upon. Sending a bouquet of roses to any mother on the occasion of mother’s day is not something that can create controversy. But this situation in which this was sent and the ultimate response to this has been able to create one.

Expected Response

As a mark of courtesy, it is important to mention that even Kris had to acknowledge this gesture of receiving roses on Mother’s Day. That is why she shared a story on Instagram in which she thanked the actor for having sent such beautiful roses.


Many people are now speculating that things are going to be sorted between them. But there is no sign of reconciliation because it was only recently that both of them completely ignored each other in a public event.

This will create a huge amount of issues for the time being. This shows the malafide intention of the Hollywood actors to create publicity stunts to achieve huge amounts of fame and name. This is something which wasn’t expected out of this actor.


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