Unhuman Horror Movie Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot, Episodes

Unhuman Horror Movie Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot, Episodes

The term “zombie apocalypse” has become synonymous with gore, horror, terror, death, survival, doom, and more. But who said the zombie apocalypse had to be limited to this kind of scenario? Laughter in dangerous times won’t get you murdered, particularly if you’re sitting on your sofa snuggling a blanket and watching it all unfold.

Who Is Unhuman?

Blumhouse Television and Epix Television have commissioned the film Unhuman, which follows a group of high school students on a field trip to Hell. The youngsters run for their lives as a zombie attacks the school bus.

Unhuman Horror Movie Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot, Episodes

Wilkie Martin’s Unhuman series now includes four volumes. For example, there are four short stories featuring Inspector Hobbes, which may be in this collection: “Inspector Hobbes and the Curse.” “Inspector Hobbes and the Bones.”

Quick Facts About Unhuman

They recognize that there is a lot of death and gore and that survival is always the goal.
While fighting to live in a brutal, frightening battle, they must first take down the deadly zombie-creatures before they kill each other first.”

Unhuman Release Date

In the forthcoming movie titled “Unhuman,” which will be released digitally on June 3, 2022, a gang of misfit kids and a race of beings known as the Unhumans are getting set to appear before our eyes.

The promotional video, which is now available online, shows a ragtag collection of outcasts making a desperate effort to join together to protect themselves from being consumed by “unhuman” animals.

Unhuman Plot

This tale of a high school field trip gone astray is brought to you by Blumhouse Television and EPIX. It’s up to seven outcasts to unite against a gang of unfeeling brutes.

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A new take on the zombie genre is what we expect from this film. A group of high school students will be the focus of this apocalyptic zombie drama. Like the previous zombie shows like The Walking Dead, Z-NAtion, and Black Summer, the underlying sentiments of terror, death, and survival are not present in The Walking Dead.

Unhuman Cast

To coincide with its physical release on DVD and Blu-ray on June 3, Paramount will make Unhuman available online on the same day. Unhuman stars Tju and Giles, who the following actors accompany:

Benjamin Wadsworth is the author of this book.
Shelton, Uriah
Ali Gallo is a member of the cast of the film

Dunstan and his writing partner Patrick Melton, who most recently penned the film Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark starring Michael Keaton, also co-wrote this picture. They are also the producers, and Alex Krueger, Chris McCumber, and Jason Blum were among the executive producers.

Unhuman Trailer

The digital version of Unhuman will be on June 3. You can see the film’s trailer, in which the misfits attempt to escape a “field trip from Hell” below in the section.


Unhuman is a horror film that Paramount Home Entertainment and Blumhouse Television will produce. The film will focus on a high school field trip during a zombie outbreak. The film is by Marcus Dunstan, a well-known horror writer who has worked on the Saw series since the fourth film.


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