Where Does Vinnie Hacker Live? Bio, Net Worth, Age, Tattoo, Height, Real Name, Siblings, Ex, And More

The followers of TikTok videos are definitely familiar with the name of Vinnie Hacker. He is an America-based model with a huge fan following on his social media accounts. The celebrity occupies a special place in the hearts of hundreds of people all over the globe.

Vinnie Hacker Bio, Net Worth, Age, Tattoo, Height, Real Name, Siblings, Ex, And More

The present number of his followers is around 6 million, and it is growing fast with every passing day. His perfect lip-syncing with so many videos impressed the audience a lot. To enhance the fanbase, he keeps on drawing attention by posting various interesting videos on Instagram and Twitter. Please keep reading to know about his Net Worth, relationship status, family, ethnicity, and many more.

Vinnie Hacker Bio, Net Worth, Age, Tattoo, Height, Real Name, Siblings, Ex, And More

Vinnie is one of the coolest internet sensations these days who loves to flaunt his body, inked with special tattoos. All his tattoos are inspired by some anime series and hold specific meanings. He never misses sharing these stories with his fans. This is one of the significant reasons for such a brilliant response about hackers on the internet.

About Vinne Hacker

Vinnie Hacker took birth to an American couple living in Washington’s Seattle. His original name was Vincent Hacker, which he shortened for the public. The model-cum-TikToker came to this planet on July 14, 2002. No information is available about his graduation and further studies.

However, it is prominent from his social media accounts that he is a gym fanatic and does not take any chances with his body. The craze to tattoo different anime-related symbols made him a sensation overnight. According to 2021 statistics, the young guy is only 19 years old. Besides posting videos, he loves to travel a lot.

Quick Facts About Vinnie Hacker

Born in 2002, Vinnie Hacker belongs to America. He currently resides in Seattle, USA, his hometown, with his parents and siblings. Cancer is the zodiac sign of this model. Their religious belief of Vinnie is Christianity.

The recent survey says that he weighs around 71 Kg and is 5 feet 10 inches tall. That makes him a perfect combination for becoming an impressive model. However, the other statistics on the body are still unknown. He generally wears shoes of size 9. But that can vary according to the brands.

How Much Does Vinnie Hacker Earn?

The exact amount of income of Hacker is not known. However, the main sources include brand endorsements and several sponsorships.

Age and Early Life Explored

Vincent Hacker, popularly known as Vinnie Hacker, is 19 years old. He did his schooling at O’Dea High School in Washington. Nate Hacker is the father, and Maria Hacker is the mother of this social media personality. Reggie Hacker is his younger brother.

He also has a fanbase on social media. The model and social media influencer took an interest in making videos and uploading them on his YouTube channel on sports activities. However, in later stages, after the introduction of TikTok, he tried some luck by making different comedy videos. He became extremely popular within a few days due to the TikTok handle.

Net Worth and Career of Vinnie Hacker

The estimated Net Worth of Vinnie Hacker is $1.2 million. He is presently a member of some TikTok groups, popular on Instagram and Twitter accounts. Moreover, he also has a separate YouTube channel under his own name.

Vinnie Hacker‘s Marital Status and Girlfriend


Vinnie is still unmarried and happily single. No rumors are also not there.

Interesting Facts About Vinnie Hacker

The cavity is his first single that came to the public on Dec 30, 2020. 2.4 million followers are now a part of his Instagram handle. He is also active on Twitch.


The news of the latest tattoos of Vinnie Hacker influenced more youngsters to subscribe to his channels and follow all his accounts. He enjoys the lovely feedback and responses from his fans.


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