Vinnie Hacker Inks New Tattoo In The Middle Of His Chest: Fans Ask For More

Vinnie Hacker is a popular face among the lovers of TikTokers. Inking different body parts is the latest trend of today’s generation. Furthermore, it is now very common among the youngsters, especially the tik-takers. Vinnie Hacker’s followers are very excited after watching the latest tattoo.

How Many Tattoos Does Vinnie Hacker Have?

The stylish personality never hesitates to portray different body parts on his social media accounts. Therefore, people easily felt how deeply he loved to do tattoos. This time, he is flaunting his chest on different social account handles like Twitter and Instagram.

Vinnie Hacker Inks New Tattoo In The Middle Of His Chest

Vinnie loves to share such updates with his fans and followers. The fans also wait eagerly to get these interesting posts from the handsome hunk.

Meaning of the new tattoo

The latest tattoo of Vinnie Hacker is definitely a mesmerizing art to talk about. He is proud to announce its presence in the middle of his chest. The inspiration came from Berserk. The tattoo symbolizes the Brand of Sacrifice with skeletal wings.

The TikTok expressed that the idea came to his mind from Berserk. However, the whole thing is not the same. He has made extra arrangements to keep parity with other designs on his body. The wings are thus his brainchild giving a stunning look to his well-built chest.

The place of the tattoo already had two more signs from previous days. In the previous posts of Hacker, you can see that the celebrity has two tattoos- spider and Break My Heart symbols on his chest. Therefore, he chose the middle of the two to give place to the new creation.

Vinnie prefers to ink his body mainly with the symbols from different anime series. The Brand of Sacrifice is one of the symbols designed by Berserk Wiki to point out that the persons with these symbols are the targets of the demons.

This is the dark side of the animated series and thus impressed many people worldwide. Vinnie Hacker did not take much time to ink the same on his body to show his love for the series.

Twitter and Instagram fans are curious

Hacker’s fans are very curious to know about the meanings of all the other tattoos on his body parts. From his picture, Vinnie has almost covered every part with some interesting inking highlights.

The TikTok is all set to give his fans a special tour of all his anime-related inking phenomena. You can catch the details on his handle @ichigostinysandalsV2.

He explained the tattoo of one-eye blind Guts from the anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in the tattoo tour. Another inspiration from the same series is Made in Heaven. You will find this writing on his right forearm. Furthermore, the meaning of one-eye blind Guts is the chapter when Guts went blind after losing a fight with a demon.

Another interesting art form on the body is an inspiration from Naruto. On the left arm, you can also see the visuals of a deadly snake and swords. Besides, Akatsuki’s logo is also present on the right arm’s biceps. In total, there are around 12 tattoos on his skin. Hacker expressed his willingness to have some more inking done in the coming days.


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