Who Is Whitey Bulger? Net Worth, Bio, Career, And More!

Who Is Whitey Bulger Net Worth, Bio, Career, and More!

Whitey Bulger, was a great notorious crime boss who led the Winter Hill Gang in Boston, US.  Bulger is considered to be of Irish descent. His father worked as a union laborer and lost one arm in an accident.

The family got down into poverty and the family moved to South Boston.  Later, Bulger drew into street life and became a thief on Boston street. From there, his criminal background starts he met his companions and they named the gang‘’Shamrocks’’ and they mainly focused on robbery, assault, and forgery.

Whitey Bulger Net Worth, Bio, And Career!

Bulger was arrested and charged with larceny at 14 years. And was considered to be his first arrest. Bulger started robbery due to his poverty.

Whitey Bulger Net Worth

Bulger had a few nicknames in his early criminal life he was called ’’ Whitey’’ by local police because of his hair, Jimmy, and Boots this name came from his habit of wearing cowboy boots. But most people call him whitey. Bulger was a criminal who came under the list of most wanted criminals. Bulger had done about a total of 19 murders.

Whitey Bulger Net Worth

Bulger has a net worth of approximately $ 3.1 billion. The primary source of his income from his profession as a criminal. He passed away at the age of 89 on October 30, 2018. ‘’Black Mass’’ in 2005, was a movie about the criminal White Bulger.

Scott Cooper and Mark Mallouk directed it and Jez Butterworth wrote the script. The story is based on Dick Lehr and Gerard O’ Neill’s 2001 book Black Mass: The Story Of an Unholy Alliance Between FBI And The Irish Mob. And it depicts the story of Whitey Bulger’s life.

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And the film was released worldwide on September 18, 2015. The film got positive reviews and got about $99 million in this movie. At the time of his death, it is estimated that he acquired almost $25,162,800 over these years.

Whitey Bulger Biography

Bulger was an Irish- American criminal leader and an FBI informant. James Joseph  Bulger was born on September 3, 1929. His parents were James Bulger Sr. and Jean Bulger. Bulger had 5 siblings William, Jeans, and Jean. After his father’s accident, the family fell into poverty. They move to south Boston.

When all the siblings went to school, Bulger finds himself comfortable in the streets of Boston. Later he became a thief in Boston. He started with small crimes and later to assault murders and theft. From the street, he found his companions with the same criminal mind.

And they all together developed a gang named ‘’ Shamrocks’’.Bulger became the team leader of the gang and along with other criminal suspects, they committed murders and other criminal activities.

He was sentenced to a Juvenile home for almost 5 years. Later joined the Air Force after his release from Juvenile home. But he got an honorable discharge from Air Force after four years in 1952. He returned to Boston and started his criminal activities again.

Whitey Bulger Career

Bulger started his criminal career in his childhood at the age of 14 years. His childhood was not a delightful one. The family led a miserable life in poverty. When his brothers went to study he end his life in the streets by pickpocketing. He finds his companions there and it was the turning point in his life.

Whitey Bulger Career

Bulger started with small crimes and he was sentenced to prison in his childhood itself. Later he became the boss of the gang named ‘’Shamrocks’’ and the gang were famous in Boston. He joined Air Force in the year 1948, but he received an honorable discharge in 1952. Bulger had committed 19 murders altogether. He worked as an FBI  informant against the Patriarca Family.

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He was also involved in racketeering, money laundering, extortion, and illegal Possession of weapons. In 1999, he became the most wanted criminal in the US IN 1999. He escape from the police and led a hidden life till 2011. Bulger led 16 years of hidden life with anonymous names.

Bulger was arrested in 2011 and was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences plus five years. During that time he was 81 years old. Bulger was transferred to West Virginia Prison after several transfers. He spent most of his last breath in prison.

Bulger was killed by his inmates in the prison at West Virginia Prison on October 30, 2018. The death was not a fair one. Bulger led a normal life not to gain attract attention.

Whitey Bulger Personal Life

While looking at Whitey Bulger’s personal life he was not married legally. His wife is a waitress and former model named Lindsey Cyr. They lived almost 12 years together. And in this relationship, they had a son Douglas Glenn Cyr. But he lived only 6 years and passed away due to Reye Syndrome.

And his wife says that it was the time Bulger was disappointed. As a father, he loved him more than anything. After a breakup with Lindsey Bulger also started dating Theresa  Stanley, a divorced woman who had kids. Bulger became a father to her kids.

Bulger had another girlfriend named Catherine Greg, who helped him to escape from the police they lived like nomads all over the country.

Whitey Bulger Belongings

Whitey Bulger didn’t own a car or real estate he led a modest life during his run of life. But he had some expensive Jewelry that was found in his apartment in Santa Monica Apartment. He lived here along with his girlfriend Catherine. It was included with one diamond ring that was called the Claddagh ring and it was sold for $ 14,500.

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And the second thing found, was a  Sterling Silver nicknamed the Psycho killer skull it was sold for $ 5,200. And also saw cash hidden on walls it was approximately $ 822,000.And it was divided among families of Bulger’s victims. Along with these, there were home appliances, furniture, and books. He didn’t buy things much more expensive and lived in rent apartment. But he had hidden cash in many accounts.

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