WWE NXT Results: High Stakes NXT Title Match Confirmed For In Your House; Winners, Recaps, Grades & Highlights

WWE NXT 2.0 needs to settle several long-established disagreements during its May 17 program in order to prepare for NXT In Your House 2022.

Top Fiction Hits At Break Up- (May 17th, 2022)

Santos Escobar and Tony D’Angelo would eventually face off in the ring to settle their power struggle. After their tainted win two weeks ago, The Creed Brothers were poised to face The Viking Raiders in a rematch.

WWE NXT Results High Stakes NXT Title Match Confirmed For In Your House; Winners, Recaps, Grades & Highlights

In a tag team match against Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams, Cameron Grimes and Solo Sikora had to work together. Roxanne Perez and Lash Legend would face off in the next round of the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament.

Bron Breaker was anticipated to retaliate against Joe Gacy, while Toxic Attraction was still looking for new rivals for the NXT women’s titles. This program had the ability to put up an amazing show by utilizing the roster’s most excellent foundations.

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams vs. Solo Sikoa & Cameron Grimes

Due to a disagreement over who would start the event, Cameron Grimes and Solo Sikoa attacked Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes at the same time to begin the match.

Sikora tagged in Grimes before double-teaming Trick in the corner with Williams in the ring. Before Sikoa tagged in, the latter returned with a clothesline and got the tag.

Sikoa was in trouble when he returned from the break, but he tagged Grimes back in, who wiped out Hayes with a splash before removing Williams from the apron. Sikora came in with the frog splash on Hayes and picked up the win after Grimes struck Williams with the Cave-In.

Results- Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams lose to Cameron Grimes and Solo Sikoa.
Grade- B

Lash Legend vs. Tatum Paxley – NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament Round 1

Tatum Paxley got out to a good start, hitting Rana off a counter and then getting some dropkicks for a near fall. Paxley attempted but failed to raise Lash Legend before Legend threw her against the ring post.

Paxley reversed Legend’s stretch muffler submission attempt into a pin attempt. Before hitting a suplex and a senton, Paxley failed to raise Legend once more. She failed to lift Legend for the third time before the latter received the pump kick and won.

Result: Tatum Paxley is defeated by Lash Legend
Grade: C

The Creed Brothers vs. The Viking Raiders on NXT

Before Erik tagged in and hit a massive forearm, the Creeds isolated Ivar and pushed him outside. As the Vikings hot-tagged in and out, Julius Creed was stuck in the ring, however, Brutus Creed was ultimately tagged inside.

Before we went to the break, the Creeds dropped and kicked Ivar off the top rope to the outside. Ivar was back in the ring on NXT, and he took down Julius with a massive lariat before knocking Brutus off the stage.

Following Ivar hitting a top rope suplex, the Raiders got a close fall. He followed it up with a splash, but it went wide of the mark. Before Roderick Strong arrived to help, all four men rushed at each other. Before the Vikings could use their finishing on him, Brutus tossed Strong out of the ring and won the match.

Result: The Creed Brothers lost to The Viking Raiders
Grade: B

Andre Chase vs. Grayson Waller on NXT

Early in the contest, Andre Chase was taking a beating, but he got back with a sunset flip for a close fall. Chase tossed Grayson Waller into the turnbuckles after a superkick. Before Chase walked out to check on Waller, he was thrown outside and landed on Bodhi Hayward. Back in the ring, Waller defeated Hunt with the rolling cutter.

Result: Grayson Waller def. Andre Chase
Grade: C

Wes Lee vs. Nathan Frazer on NXT

Early on, Nathan Frazer was tossed outside after a near fall, but before Wes Lee took a massive dive from over ropes. Frazer returned with a dive of his own, but he missed the ring dive that followed.

Before countering a powerful move off the top rope, Lee got a near fall from a German Suplex. As the match progressed, Von Wagner tackled Frazer and forced him around before Lee attacked him.

Result: DNF
Grade: B


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