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The famous musician Young Thug has recently come up with a new announcement. He recently posted on Twitter that he is all set to launch the new cover art titled “So much to talk about”.

This music album is expected to come in the last week of April. The hip-hop star cum musician was very vocal about the struggles he had to undergo while launching his new project. He also posted on Instagram about the launch of his new music album is already.

Young Thug’s New Music With Cover Art “So Much To Talk About” Will Be Released Soon

He opted out of a unique way to unveil his intention to release a new music album. He posted on Instagram a new cover post. In this post, he was shirtless. The picture was very aesthetic in terms of the colors and the styling.

Young Thug's New Cover Art  So Much To Talk About Is All Ready To Set

Young Thug had closed his eyes and covered himself in blood. The picture was not easy to grasp in the first place. In the caption, he was able to vent his feelings that his project is very close to his heart because he did a lot of hard work to launch the same.

The stains of the blood and the injured chest in the post depict the immense hard work he has been performing for the same.

A unique way of release

Young had come up with a music video after a very long period. Back in March, Young Thug’s 14-year-old son was shot. He was killed during a dispute at an Atlanta Bowling Alley.

Though the suspect responsible for the incident was arrested back in March itself, he has still not come over the grief yet. Launching a new video in the backdrop of the same has depicted that he is a fighter who would come back anytime soon.

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Development of  a better season 

After witnessing the cover art, many fans have been speculating that the new Slime Season is all underway. The covers used to announce the launch of the three previous slime seasons were the same. That is why almost all the fans are trying to link the two ends.

It is also speculated that the new music album “So much to talk about” would feature the pain and the grief that Young has been experiencing for such a long time. Maybe this is the way of his expression. 


However, there is also a possibility that this cover art is nothing but a teaser for the launch of season 4 of the Slime Series. The fans have been desperately waiting for the same to happen soon. They want better news concerning the launch of the music album to unfold anytime soon so that they could once again dance to the tunes of the best musician in the town. 

Young has, however, preferred maintaining silence since then. He expected that things would fall back to square one anytime soon. Most of the fans have been desperately waiting for another kind of clarification. They want to clarify if the cover art post is about the launch of the new music album or if it is none other than the Slime Series. 


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