About Us

Unplugged is an innovative multimedia news provider, delivering the latest updates on vast areas such as business, tech, markets, sports, apps, entertainment, and health. We report with empathy and constantly strive to put the audience on the verge of excitement with every news we share. We are one of the prime members of the reputed Digital Media Network.

From our inception till now, we have focused on covering real life and real stories worldwide every day. Reporting the exact news with no added toppings or fillings made us gain massive attention from millions of audiences around the globe. Regardless of who you are or what you believe in, we constantly help you navigate what’s happening globally and locally.

Our dedicated team of experts who are committed to putting a 24×7 effort promises you the latest updates right at the moment. Our unbreaking news bond with the audience will ensure that you never miss out on any important matters.


Our team of experts with deep insight and core values performs their highest level of due diligence to commit a news holding credibility. Our vision is to keep up the trust the audience invests in us and give them the informative news and updates that fill each one’s perspective neutrally.


Unplugged, the definitive news source, focuses on providing timely updates based on facts and not on opinions and assertions. We never pursue or integrate an agenda in offering news to our audience. Our team ensures that every breaking news we deliver is diverse, compelling, and visually engaging.

Team Overview

Joanna Kennedy

Joanna Kennedy is the senior journalist of Unplugged who has over a decade of experience in the field of journalism. Kennedy is a graduate of The University of Texas where she majored in mass communication and professional journalism. Before joining Unplugged, Kennedy worked with numerous local and international news publishers. Joanna Kennedy’s education and her years of experience as a journalist has greatly contributed to the growth of Unplugged.

Susan Lucia

Susan Lucia is a Post Graduate, working as a staff writer in a leading media outlet and is even a freelancer. She is one of the leading entertainment reporters who cover a wide range of entertainment news from across the United States and beyond. She has worked both as a journalist and a television host.

Philip Gabriel

Philip Gabriel is a former media and entertainment reporter. His works have appeared in leading magazines. He has received a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism. With his successful career, he has become responsible for covering some of the biggest entertainment stories.

Dennis Forester

Dennis Forester is our freelance journalist that is an enthusiast of the entertainment industry. His enthusiasm is what made him become a part of Unpluggdwithngl. Dennis Forester is currently persuading his bachelor’s in entertainment media communication. Dennis Forester is also part of his college’s news channel. His vision is to become an award-winning journalist one day.