Johnny Depp Waved To Fans From His Tour Bus After Performing With Jeff Beck In Munich

On Wednesday night in Munich, Johnny Depp waved to the fans from his tour van after playing on stage with guitar great Jeff Beck. At Tollywood, a crowd saw the Pirates of the Caribbean star play his 13-track album, titled 18, alongside the musician later this week.

Johnny Depp Waved To The Audience From His Tour Van

Amber Heard requested to have the judgment against her thrown out and the case retried by a court, so Johnny Depp proudly made his way to the front of the bus to greet everyone’s well wishes.

A Worn-Out Johnny Depp Waves At Fans From Tour Bus Following A Gig With Jeff Beck In Munich

In the end, complete the actor’s look with a casual grey cardigan. He played guitar and sang throughout the show, performing a variety of rock tunes.

Despite the attention he received after his high-profile divorce from Amber, Johnny seemed to be in good spirits.

Johnny Will Join The Band After Jeff’s Last Tour Dates Last Month

The two with Sam Fender in Newcastle’s Bridge Tavern while on tour. After Johnny won a 50 million dollar lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber, this one came around quickly after the first one did.

Longing that has been sated, Johnny Depp waved to a gathering of admirers from his tour trailer after visiting a live performance venue in Munich with Jeff Beck on Wednesday.

  • Bohemian vibes pervaded the actor’s ensemble, which included a khaki button-up over a light blue shirt.
  • He wore a succession of bracelets, elastic bands, and rings on each finger, in addition to many enormous, ornate rings.
  • The 59-year-old actor wore a khaki button-up shirt over a light blue shirt in a distinctive manner.
  • The singer complemented his appearance with a brown wide-brimmed hat and a stack of necklaces.
  • One shot shows Johnny bidding farewell to supporters from his bus as he seems to be smoking what appears to be a cigarette.

Many large elaborate rings, bracelets, and elastic bands on each finger adorned him as he waved to the crowd.

A month after he won his defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard, he announced that he would be recording a 13-track album with the legendary guitarist.

An eclectic mix of old rockers like Killing Joke and The Velvet Underground and up-and-comers like the Seashore Boys, Marvin Gaye, and John Lennon make up the album’s 18-track list, which also contains two Depp originals.

In line with their fond recollections of their teenage years sparked by the music, the two artists decided to use a photograph of themselves as 18-year-olds produced by Beck’s wife Sandra for the album cover.

Johnny Depp said last month that he has teamed up with the legendary guitarist to create a 13-track compilation after winning a big defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, 36. 


When the two first met in 2016, they formed a relationship around their mutual love of guitars and automobiles by making each other laugh and snort simultaneously.

Beck’s admiration for Depp’s musical ability grew over time, and the former Yardbirds guitarist was inspired to contribute to the Hollywood Vampires’ album Rise with the song Welcome to Bushwacker (2019).

The ensemble was co-founded in 2012 by Johnny Depp, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, and Alice Cooper. Beck was inspired to record the songs that would become “18” by Depp’s natural musical ability and the ease with which he and Depp connected on set.

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