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Rabel Wilson Thanks To Her Girlfriend For ‘Giving Me A Push’ On A Swing!!

This is Rabel Wilson and Ramona Agruma, the fashion and jewellery designer, on top of the globe with the big golden swing being pushed by Ramona for her.

Rabel Wilson Post New Video About She Is On A Swing

A big grin spreads across the features of the Senior Years actress Rabel Wilson , 42, and Ramona as they sit on the seventh cloud together. This Thursday, Rebel posted a 12-second Instagram video of the couple’s evening splurge, in which they seemed as happy as Larry.

Rabel Wilson Thanks Girlfriend Ramona Agruma For 'Giving Me A Push' On A Swing In Sweet Video

Rebel Wilson appears to be thanking Ramona for pushing her on the swing in the video’s description. Even if it doesn’t make sense at times, the Pitch Perfect star noted that she prefers to do everything alongside her girlfriend.

With the message came a hashtag that referred to both Rebel and Ramona by the initials #R&R.

Even though she said she was dating someone in May, the actress did not share anything further about her new beau at the time, not even the name. That they used to communicate via phone, which Rebel thinks an old-school type, but the actress remarked that such simple things were incredibly sweet.

A casual conversation revealed that she had discovered a partner who has elevated her self-worth and who is equal to her in many ways that cannot be compared to her ex-partners. Not all of her ex-boyfriends were toxic, but she had to put up with them for a short period of time since she was in a good relationship, unlike her prior ones, according to the singer.

On Instagram in June, Rebel posted a heartfelt photo of herself and Ramona and captioned it with a kind message that hinted at her desire to meet more female companions. She explained that she had been on the wrong road since she had been looking for a Disney prince instead of a Disney princess. When the actress posted a heartfelt remark with the hashtag #loveislove, she was making a statement about her relationship with the designer.

After the news broke, some reports said that Rebel and Ramona were photographed holding hands at Super Bowl LVI in February. Other sources claimed that Rebel and Ramona began dating in January.

An source recently spoke up about her new connection with Rebel, and it seems that the actress is much more comfortable with her current partner than she was with her previous lovers. According to one of Rebel’s pals, she’s never been happier and is currently at a fantastic spot in her life.

The relationship between Jacob Busch and Rebel was short-lived, and they broke up four months after they started dating.

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