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Travis Barker Performs Again At Machin Gun Kelly’s Star-Studded LA Show

Travis Barker made a victorious comeback to the stage at Machine Gun Kelly’s flashy Los Angeles show on Wednesday night.

Travis Barker Performs Again At Machin Gun Kelly’s Star-Studded LA Show

The 46-year-old Blink-182 drummer unexpectedly appeared on stage midway during MGK’s “Mainstream Sellout Tour” performance to play the drums and sing the title track from “Tickets to Your Downfall” and “Bloody Valentine.” He had not performed when he was admitted to the hospital for pancreatitis late last month.

Travis Barker Performs Again At Machin Gun Kelly's Star-Studded LA Show

“They met and became friends with a person they looked up to as a kid because he believed. And They have never been more eager to jam out to a song the two of us created. Make some noise for LA-based Travis Barker tonight, “MGK, 32, remarked as the crowd erupted in applause as Barker entered.

What’s amusing is this: The drummer isn’t meant to be here, so what’s he up to? They are on the drums right now!” MGK, a.k.a. Colson Baker, went on. Trav stated he would be remiss if he didn’t persuade you to play “one more song” because they only committed to playing one.

Machine Gun Kelly asked Travis Barker to perform as a special guest at his show in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

New wife Kourtney Kardashian and MGK’s fiancée Megan Fox were in attendance to support Barker’s return to the stage. He dedicated his last song, “Twin Flame,” to the 36-year-old actress, saying, “This song is for my wife.” The “Papercuts” rocker.

But MGK’s incredible surprise for his Los Angeles supporters didn’t stop with Barker. “Born With Horns” and “God Save Me” were performed by the rocker following a spectacular helicopter entrance that unavoidably contained a reference to Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun.”

At one of those locations, they would buy tickets to this event; they looked like famous artists who have played here and have always wanted to follow in their footsteps.

MGK’s star-studded show at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, California, featured appearances by Lil Wayne, Halsey, and Blackbear.

After that, MGK promised the crowd that he would come on stage with some of his “best mates tonight,” and he followed his promise.

For those of you who’ve been waiting for a long time for this dream to come true, they have an f-king incredible performance for you tonight,” the man said. They are going to the motherf-king Forum tonight, and you know that?”

The audience was on their feet the whole time, but when Lil Wayne made a surprise cameo, the stadium went crazy.

The rocker played songs including “Bloody Valentine,” “Emo Girl,” “Ay!” and “Twin Flame” (shown here with guitarist Sophie Lloyd).

MGK stated when Lil Wayne departed the stage, “Dreams come true, and it’s like they have been watching it all f-king night.” It’s a nightmare.

While Halsey and Blackbear joined him for “Forget Me Too” and “Makeup Sex,” Willow and Avril Lavigne, who played the show’s opening song, also made a second appearance on stage later in the evening to play “Emo Girl” and “Bois Lie,” respectively.

Avril Lavigne and MGK opened the show with “Bois Lie.”

TikTok actress Addison Rae attended with her musician boyfriend Omer Fedi, as did Barker’s 18-year-old son Landon Barker and his father’s other noteworthy guests. Machine Gun Kelly‘s “Mainstream Sellout Tour” continues on Friday in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena and concludes on October 12 in Amsterdam at AFAS Live.

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