The Net Worth Of Leo Dicaprio Ex Girlfriend Camila Morrone! Bio, Achievements!

Camila Morrone Biography

The movie ‘Death Wish’ produced in 2018, starring Camila Morrone alongside Paul Kersey, was one of the most box office hit movies in 2018. It was yet another success in the life-long career of Camila as a famous Hollywood actor.  Interestingly, she is originally an Argentinian-born actress who came to the USA and started working … Read more

Lenny Kravitz Net Worth, Early Life, Car Collections, Luxury Life, Awards!

Lenny Kravitzs Net Worth

Lenny Kravitz is an American singer-songwriter-actor-record producer. He plays multiple instruments and sings. His music combines elements of hard rock, psychedelic music, pop, folk, jazz, blues, soul, R&B, and ballads. Lenny Kravitz’s Net Worth  Lenny Kravitz is thought to have an estimated net worth of $85 million. His work as a singer, songwriter, record producer, … Read more

Kevin Hart’s Net Worth, Bio, Family, And Career And More About One Of The Highest Paid Comedians

Kevin Hart Net Worth

Kevin Hart is a famous comedian and actor. He has recently risen to number five on the list of highest-paid comedians in Hollywood. As per reports Kevin Hart’s net worth is approximately 450 million dollars. His income is generated mainly from stand-up comedy, acting, and other businesses. Hart’s production firm is HartBeat. It will make … Read more

Twitter Battles Elon Musk To Execute A $44 Billion Deal To Buy Social Media

Twitter Battles Elon Musk To Execute A $44 Billion Deal To Buy Social Media

On Tuesday, Twitter Inc. filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk, accusing him of breaching the conditions of his $44 billion deal to acquire the social media platform. At $54.20 per Twitter share agreed upon, Twitter Inc. sought that a Delaware court force billionaire investor Warren Buffett to finalize the transaction. Based on Delaware contract law, … Read more

After Mom Ivana’s Death, Eric And Ivanka Trump Pay Tribute To Her

After Mom Ivana's Death, Eric And Ivanka Trump Pay Tribute To Her 'Brilliant, Charming, Passionate'

Ivana Marie Trump, the first wife of U.S. President Donald Trump, died at her home in New York City on Thursday. She was 73 years old. The Czech-American businesswoman was well-known in the media, designed clothes, and books, and modeled. Ivana was found unconscious at her home, and it is thought that she died of … Read more

The Documents In Roman Polanski’s 45-Year-Old Sex Assault Case Will Be Made Public

The Documents In Roman Polanski's 45-Year-Old Sex Assault Case Will Be Made Public.

The felony case against Roman Polanski has been sealed. But Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon has agreed to unseal it. This could put an end to the decades-long legal story surrounding the director’s rape of a young person 45 years ago. Gascon claimed the decision was made in response to a letter from … Read more

Former Olympian Kim Glass Assaulted Man Charged With Felony After Allegedly

Former Olympian Kim Glass Assaulted Man Charged With Felony After Allegedly

Kimberly Marie Glass, the American indoor volleyball player, and model, recently faced a bad time in downtown Los Angeles, last Friday. The former Olympian had lunch with one of her close friends and stepped out into the street. The alleged incident happened right on her way. A man in Los Angeles now faces a felony … Read more

WWE: Kevin Nash Reveals Scott Hall’s Devasting Final Days Before He Died

WWE Kevin Nash Reveals Scott Hall's Devasting Final Days Before He Died

American professional wrestler Scott Hall, who died on March 14, 2022, of a heart attack, is finally discussed by Kevin Nash. Kevin revealed that Scott had fallen on ice cubes just days before he died, breaking his ribs. A close friend of the Wrestling legend provided a few remarks that perfectly depicted his final days. … Read more


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