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Addison Rae’s Mother Spoke Up The Midst Of ‘Challenging, Overwhelming’ Marital Drama

During a recent interview, Addison Rae’s mom, Sheri Easterling, said that she and her husband, Monty Lopez (whom she wedded in 2017), are currently at odds. As her marital difficulties are no longer a secret to the third eye, Tiktok star mommy said on Thursday on her Instagram that she is feeling overwhelmed.

Despite her marital woes, Easterling, 42, made it clear to her three children, Rae, 21, Enzo, 14, and Lucas, 8, that she would do her best to maintain their mental health robust.

Sheri Easterling Shares Her Experience In Marital Drama With Her Husband

Millions of people followed. In her final remark, the mother of the TikTok star added a thank-you note to her followers, who have shown her and her family so much love and support over the past several months.

Internet rumors claiming that the Tiktok star’s father, Easterling, and Renee Ash, a professional socialite, were having an affair have been circulating the internet. As a result of the tension her husband had generated, the fashion-forward momager found herself in a confrontation.

Renee stated that she was Lopez’s sidekick in the exclusive interview because Lopez has made a number of promises, including that they will have children soon.

Addison Rae's Mother Spoke Up The Midst Of ‘Challenging, Overwhelming’ Marital Drama

It was via her ex-boyfriend, who introduced her to his mother and brother, that Addison Rae was able to trust Lopez and believe in their relationship.

She had no idea that she was being dragged into an extramarital scandal because the young influencer herself believed that Lopez was in the process of getting divorced from his toxic marriage and apparently Lopez created a storyline and presented it to Renee, who blindly believed his pile of lies. Renee.

Renee set the record straight by declaring that she had already ended her alleged love affair with her cheating partner, as many other women have done.

According to reports, the internet-famous influencer ended their relationship this week because she was embarrassed to be open about her feelings for Lopez. It was revealed that Addison’s father had been touching the backside of another little girl before another viral video went viral.

Renee responded by saying that she and Lopez’s true family would be the ones to sober up for this occurrence. Also, Renee spoke of her guilt and heartbreak about hurting his wonderful family for so long.

It was a public apology from her, even though she was aware that she had been cheated. Lopez was able to fool the gorgeous young social media user into believing that he was in love with her by convincing her that he was. When asked about her motivation for releasing the information, Renee replied that she wants to expose the wrongdoings of the man who has harmed not just her, but Addison and Easterling as well.

Easterling has since removed the word “wife” from her social media name, and it appears that her daughter has unfollowed her father entirely as a result of the incident. Lopez’s misbehavior was perceived as Addison’s fault by many people, and she showed her gratitude to the company and her loyal admirers.


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