Aerosmith Canceled Las Vegas Performances!! Steven Tyler Is Entering Rehab After 12 Years Of Sobriety

This time around, Aerosmith’s lead singer Steven Tyler decided to seek treatment for substance misuse, which resulted in the band canceling two shows in Las Vegas. However, the band hasn’t given up on the idea of going on tour in the fall. Tyler has been plagued by substance misuse throughout his long and successful career.

On Tuesday, the band released a statement that read: The vast majority of you are aware of how much time and effort Steven’s family has put into cultivating his sobriety over the last few decades. Relapsed and entered a treatment facility to focus on his health and recuperation following foot surgery in order to prepare for the stage while he was in pain and to ensure that he could perform.

Aerosmith To Cancel All Las Vegas Shows

In June and July, Aerosmith had to cancel their Vegas shows because of “well-being” worries for Tyler. Fans will be kept informed as soon as possible about the band’s plans for a September concert tour. As a follow-up, the band apologized to “our most dedicated fans who often travel incredible distances to witness our gigs” and said they were “sorry” for the inconvenience.

“We want you to know how much we appreciate your patience and commitment to Steven during this tough time.” Refunds will be issued to customers who purchased tickets through Ticketmaster without the need for extra action.

 Steven Tyler Is Entering Rehab

A long history of substance abuse may be found in Tyler’s ancestry. The albums Permanent Vacation (1987) and Pump (1989) brought Aerosmith newfound fame. One of the band’s managers “conducted an intervention” on Steven Tyler in 1988.

“All of their issues would be solved if the lead singer would simply stop drinking. As a result, I entered a rehabilitation facility. When I was on vacation, they committed me to that facility, and I’m not sure how long it took me to come to terms with it. I owe them a debt of appreciation for their role in helping me stay clean during that time.”

Steven Tyler Is Enter Rehab After Relapse

At Sierra Tucson, Tyler was forced to confront his history of domestic violence against women after completing a three-year sobriety program. The occurrence inspired the song “Janie’s Got a Gun” and the creation of the Janie’s Fund, which provides assistance to women who have been abused.

“He came to the conclusion that a Janie’s Fund may be a fascinating idea, so he proceeded to work on establishing one. Since “Janie’s Gun” has been replaced by “Janie’s Got a Fund and Janie’s Home,” Janie no longer needs to carry her pistol.”

Aerosmith began their Deuces Are Wild residency at the Park Theater in Las Vegas at the beginning of April 2019. Before returning to Las Vegas in September 2019, they performed the act at various other MGM hotels across the country. As of June 17th, Dolby Live at Park MGM had a new program.

Located in Boston, the bar serves drinks. According to the Daily Mail, the 74-year-old rocker has relapsed on painkillers after undergoing foot surgery at the beginning of the year. Throughout Tyler’s life, he has been open and honest about his struggles with substance abuse. In addition, he entered a treatment facility in 2009 to address his substance abuse issues.


Janie’s House, an Atlanta-based shelter for girls who have been mistreated or neglected, was founded by Aerosmith frontman Joe Perry after meeting women at a rehabilitation center who were there at least in part due to abuse. It’s safe to say that Georgia is where Janie’s House is located.

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