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Businesswomen Alanna Zabel Net Worth, Bio, Career, Source Of Income & More!

Businesswomen Alanna Zabel Net Worth, Bio, Career, Source Of Income & More!

Alanna Zabel is famous worldwide as one of the reputed businesswomen. However, apart from it, she also gives yoga training to hundreds of enthusiastic people. The public personality has made a name as an actress and author also. Alanna Zabel net worth is around $2.5 million in 2022.

To date, Zabel did not come much in the limelight until she raised a complaint against Adam Levine. According to the professional Yoga instructor, she was a private Yoga coach of Levine between 2007 and 2010. But unfortunately, Adam gave all inappropriate lessons and used the opportunity unfavorably.

Alanna Zabel Net Worth

The famous worldwide as one of the reputed businesswomen Alanna Zabel net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million. However, the yearly or monthly income of the Yoga specialist is not yet revealed.

Full NameAlanna Zabel
ProfessionBusinesswomen, Yoga Instructor
Sources of IncomeProfession
Biggest AssetsMansion
ResidenceBuffalo, New York
Date of Birth11 October,1972-1973
Age49-50 Years Old
Marital StatusUnmarried
EducationGraduate in Psychology
Wealth TypeSelf-Made

Alanna Zabel Key Facts

Alanna Zabel Career

The 50-year-old skilled Yoga personality never hesitates to share some fascinating facts about health wellness programs over the internet. Moreover, she is recognized as one of the registered Fitness Trainers of California. Apart from only fitness lessons, she provides specialized sessions on Pilates and other forms of Yoga.

In the initial stage, Zabel started their career by acting. Furthermore, people can have a look at her literary activities also. But after quitting Hollywood, she found solace in Yoga. In 2000, a new journey began, making her one of the iconic figures for millions of people worldwide. You can now follow her on social media and take the necessary tips for a healthy and fit life.

Alanna Zabel never stopped at just one point during her long journey. From the very first stage, she was inclined toward engaging more people with Yoga. Therefore, she became the creator of different brands to impart proper training to several people not aware of the benefits of Yoga Health Programs.

In September 2022, people were trending her name on Google after knowing some secrets about Zabel’s life. This article on the fabulous Yoga instructor will get many such facts.

She faced multiple tragic events and finally decided to give up acting. The beautiful and confident lady found Yoga to be the most dependable medium to forget the grief of her life. This marked the beginning of her journey as a professional Yoga and Fitness Instructor.

Alanna Zabel Sources Of Income


Alanna Zabel’s main source of income comes from the classes she takes as a Yoga Instructor. Furthermore, she is a specialist in Pilates and trains most celebrities in California. She earns quite a handsome amount through this profession. Moreover, people can now catch Zabel’s awesome Youtube videos online.

But before coming to this field, Alanna also accumulated wealth from her acting career and by writing a few books. Primarily, she is a well-known author of children’s books and impressed several people with her amazing storytelling capacity. Alanna also opened a Yoga Dance academy and choreographed one of dances of Michael Jackson in the early days of her career. In Brentwood, Zabel has a fitness studio also.


Apart from being a professional Yoga Instructor, Alanna Zabel earns a good amount from AZIAM Girls, her new company. She founded the entity in 2012, intending to produce magnificent products to spread Yoga and Fitness awareness among the public. Till today, the company is engaged in producing the first Yoga Dolls of this world. Her turnover also included the sales figures of the five DVDs on fitness.

Alanna Zabel Quotes

Alanna never fails to amaze the fans through her beautiful quotes about life. One of the most popular quotes from her book As I Am: Where Spirituality Meets Reality.

– The past does not exist unless you carry with you the remains of it.

Alanna Zabel Social Media Involvements

One of the latest news about the celebrity Yoga expert says that she has accused Adam Levine, one of her students, of sending her inappropriate sexual message in 2010. Accidentally, her ex-boyfriend saw it and misunderstood Alanna. This ended her love life, and the instructor could not contact Adam either after this incident. So, she decided to share this message on social media.

This suggests that Zabel remains active on the social platform and loves sharing her thoughts with hundreds of followers. You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter handles. Moreover, you can also subscribe to her YouTube channel and watch the Yoga videos. She also has a Wikipedia page and LinkedIn profile.

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