Every Anya Taylor-Joy Horror Movie Ranked Worst To Best Winning The Hearts Of The Audience

But few horror fans have taken the time to rate The Northman actress Anya’s Taylor-numerous Joy’s appearances in this genre since she first appeared on the big screen. Horror isn’t a genre on which many performers desire to focus their film careers.

The Best Horror Movies With A Great Storyline

There are exceptions to this rule, though. Even though efforts in the horror genre were not always a success, Ryan Reynolds’ work in them shows that he appreciates the genre’s capacity for invention as much as any other.

Every Anya Taylor-Joy Horror Movie Ranked Worst To Best Winning The Hearts Of the Audience

For some actors, horror is almost like a second home, no matter how much critical acclaim they get for their parts in more deserving, sophisticated films.

Mutants Of The Future

Taylor-campy Joy’s scene-stealing saves 2020’s misguided The New Mutants, which is otherwise unwatchable. The New Mutants, a long-delayed spinoff from the X-Men films, follows a group of young mutants fighting to manage their abilities and try to escape a corrupt research facility.
Morgan, a 2016 sci-fi horror film, fails miserably despite a promising idea. Aside from Taylor-early Joy’s performance as Morgan, Morgan is a predictable retread of topics previously explored in more detail by then-recent successes like Ex Machina and The One I Love.

Morgan is worth seeing for Taylor-Joy. Neither the shock effect nor the philosophical ideas of Splice or Moon are in Morgan’s depiction of Kate Mara’s researcher’s effort to stop the titular monster from killing again.


With an outstanding young ensemble including Charlie Heaton and Mis Goth, Marrowbone is a gloomy period piece of horror with shivers to spare. Marrowbone’s final surprise is a horrible exercise in pain on a rewatch because it’s so clear that it’s impossible not to notice.


Some reviewers thought that M. Night Shyamalan’s chiller Split was a remarkable resurgence, but that hasn’t been the case since its release.

On the other hand, Split is a delightful psychological horror movie with a clever meta-twist. Even though James McAvoy gives an excellent lead performance, Taylor-Joy, the lovely victim with her dark side, steals the film from beneath his feet as a terrifying presence.

In Soho, New York City

Like Shyamalan’s genre-defying thriller, Edgar Wright’s Giallo pastiche Last Night In Soho begins as a typical horror film but quickly becomes elevated by Taylor-endearing Joy’s lead character. Suddenly, Last Night In Soho became one of the actor’s most influential films to date after a surprising turn of events.

For Last Night In Soho to succeed, Taylor-performance Joy is crucial, and spectators may find it challenging to sit through the show’s didactic early acts, making several apparent points about societal issues.

The Evil One

The witch’s ludicrous ambitions immerse spectators in a horrific nightmare from which there is no way out, and the film’s purposefully planned length only heightens the anxiety. When it comes to The Witch, the performers speak exclusively in period-appropriate speech as they portray a family terrorized by an angry, may be fictional, witch on their secluded New England estate.

A narrative of infatuation, lunacy, and devotion makes family terrifying and the Devil enchanting by contrast. The witch is deliciously dark.


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