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Brian Anthony Boitano Net Worth 2022, Age, Bio, Weight!

Brian Anthony Boitano is an American figure skater. He has competed for his country in both the Olympics and world championships. Additionally, he has won a number of first-time championships. It is by representing this nation at the Olympics with medals.

Brian Anthony Boitano Net Worth 2022! How Rich Is He Now?

He has even brought Lawrence to his nation. On October 22, Brain was born. His parents were Donna Jean and Louis Boitano. His native place is California. His interest in skating dates back to his early years. At the age of fifteen, he began gaining recognition and gaining honors. He also had private skating lessons.

Brian Anthony Boitano Net Worth 2022, Age, Bio, Weight!

He took part in numerous competitions and won medals. He was educated at Marian A. Petersen High School. He was determined to pursue a career in figure skating at the young age of eight.

Brian had health concerns. Hence in 2010 and 1997, he received cancer diagnoses. He disclosed to the media about his sexual orientation that he is gay. But despite having obtained the legal act, he is not married and neither does he have a boyfriend.

Brian Anthony Boitano’s Net Worth

Brian’s net worth as of 2022 is $20 million. All of this came from his professional skating career. He has performed in numerous shows. He represented the nation in numerous competitions and Olympics. His different performances have garnered him titles. He founded both a White Canvas production and a non-profit company that teaches ice skating. The key to his success is his coach.

Age / Height

Brian Anthony Boitano is aged 59 years as of 2022.

The height of Brian Boitano is 180 centimeters, or 511 feet and inches.

Brian Anthony Boitano’s Bio

Brian is ranked among the most well-known figure skaters. He is listed among the notable celebrities born in the US. The first of Boitano’s four victories came in the 1985 United States Figure Skating Championships. In 1985, Alexander Fadeev won the inaugural World Championships. It is followed by Hamilton, with Brian Orser coming in second and Boitano third. 

Brian Anthony Boitano's Bio

A few weeks prior to the 1986 U.S. Championships, he had tendon damage in his right ankle. Yet he still managed to capture his second national championship. Boitano won the 1986 World Championships. But Fadeev, who was in a strong position to win, had a horrible free skate. Order again placed second.

Boitano debuted his new routines at the 1987 Skate Canada.  It was held in the same arena where he would face off against Brian Orser. It is for the Olympic title three months later in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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Boitano skated flawlessly, landing seven triple leaps. It includes a footwork segment into a jump, even though Orser took first place. But he failed to perform his intended second triple axel. Boitano, Leaver, and Bezic were so certain of the superiority of Boitano’s new programs that they neglected to include the quadruple toe loop. If it is executed correctly it would have given him a technical advantage over Orser.

Boitano and his coach, Linda Leaver, concluded that some adjustments were necessary if Boitano. It was to win the Olympic gold medal after losing the world championship match at home against Orser. Boitano had always excelled at technical requirements getting the first mark. 

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But he struggled with artistic needs getting the second mark. He called himself a “jumping robot.” He engaged Sandra Bezic to choreograph his programs for the 1987–1988 Olympic season. It is in order to aid his artistic development.

The top of Boitano’s amateur career was the Battle of the Brians at the 1988 Winter Olympics. In the competition’s mandatory figures category, Alexander Fadeev took first place. It is followed by Boitano and Orser. Boitano came in second.

Orser took first in the short program. At the time, the free skate accounted for 50% of the final score. So, if Boitano lost it, his lead would not be enough to keep him in the first place.

In 1978, he won the global junior championships. At the 1988 Summer Olympics in Calgary, he was awarded the gold medal. He has achieved success at the world championships.

He then took home silver and bronze medals in Cincinnati in 1987 and Tokyo in 1985, respectively. At the world championships in 1986 and 1988, he took gold. He received Emmy Award in 1990. It is for excellent classical music and dance performances, in addition to his skating.


The weight is roughly 68 kilograms or 149 pounds.

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