Who Is Brooklyn Frost? Age, Net Worth, New Boyfriend, Skin Care!!

Born on August 17, 2004, in Seattle, WA, Brooklyn Frost is a well-known social media influencer who lives in Seattle, WA, with her family. In addition, her birthday is on August 17, and this year she will be 17 (August 17, 2021).Brooklyn Frost is a stunning social media star who is also a fitness enthusiast, and her trim figure is enough to entice anybody.

Who Is Brooklyn Frost

In the United States, Deshae Frost’s sister was born and raised in Seattle. She is in a three-person household, and Deshae and Amare, the YouTuber’s two brothers, were born into the family. 

 Brooklyn Frost

She is the tiniest member of her clan. Deshea, her younger brother, is a multi-talented artist who has a following on social media. He’s earned a reputation for himself on YouTube and in SWAT, where he portrays Darryl Henderson, a character he created. Her younger brother, Amare, better known as Mel Mel Frost, is a social media star and a budding basketball player in his own right. 

Quick Facts About Brooklyn Frost

  • There are almost 900,000 people that follow her on Instagram.
  • Her Tiktok account has almost 946K followers.
  • She has a Tiktok username of theyenvybrooklyn1.
  • Brooklyn Nicole Skin is her business.
  • On Instagram, she’s been uploading a steady stream of stunning photos.
  • Influential in social media platforms.
  • After becoming viral on the famous app, she intends to serve as an inspiration for the next generation to pursue their aspirations and achieve.
  • Known for her fashionable attire, she is a sought-after model.

Age & Early Life Explored

As a native of Seattle, WA, she began in 2021; she will be around 17. Her astrological sign is Leo. She is a US citizen by birth, and her birthday is August 17, 2004. 

Her educational background is much consideration. She also serves as a spokesperson for her work with many companies and organizations. Deshae and Amare Frost are her two elder brothers, respectively. 

Brooklyn Frost Net Worth and Career

Brooklyn Frost is a Seattle-based Instagram star and aspiring artist. With more than 910,000 Instagram followers, she has established herself as a social media sensation, and her fame has grown exponentially since she first gained notoriety on Instagram. 

She has 810K subscribers on YouTube and an average of 100-200K views on her YT videos, 910K Instagram followers, and 100-200K likes on her Instagram posts.

Her net worth is more than $400,000. Currently, it has more than 1.1 million followers on TikTok as well. She mainly uploads videos of her dancing and lip-syncing.

Brooklyn Frost Husband And Kids

Jay Cinco, a fellow YouTube sensation who is also a rapper and social media personality, is her boyfriend at the moment. In January of 2021, the first time the pair crossed paths was in a music studio where Jay was working. Brooklyn and Cinco began dating one month after their first encounter.

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It’s no secret that Brooklyn Frost is a popular YouTuber, Instagrammer, and TikTok star from the US. As a result of her innovative ideas and high-quality material, Brooklyn has inspired millions of people. With 946,500+ followers, she is one of the fastest-growing TikTak stars. 

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