Is Charlotte Crosby Pregnant? Charlotte Crosby And Jake Ankers Waiting For Their First Child!

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Recently, the most recent controversy has dominated the news cycle. This is Charlotte Crosby’s first child, and she’s due any day now. She and her boyfriend, Jake Ankers, are suspected of being the parents of this child. Fan reaction to the news has been overwhelming.

Charlotte Crosby Is Expecting Her First Child With Jake Ankers, The Love Of Her Life

on her social media platform of choice, the actress shared a heartfelt and adorable message. As seen in this video, she expresses her deepest joy at the prospect of becoming a mother for the first time ever. During a recent podcast, the actress explained that nothing can be greater than this happiness.

Charlotte Crosby And Jake Ankers Waiting For Their First Child

A video of the actress showing off a positive pregnancy test kit is included in the post. As soon as the couple learned of their greatest joy, it was possible to include it in the video. Another way they showed their excitement about the impending arrival of their first child was by exchanging passionate kisses and cuddles.

Scanned Image Of The Original

A scanned image of the original was later shared on Instagram by her. Nothing more than a sonography report of the baby was depicted in the photograph. As a way of expressing their joy, the family members blessed the couple. They also extended their warmest regards and well wishes.

There is a lot of joy in this woman’s life, but it was previously restricted to her close circle of family, friends, and other close associates. Everybody went on Instagram to tell the actor to look out for each other, and he did just that.

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Charlotte Crosby posted the picture on Instagram

Since the actress posted the picture on Instagram, many people have asked for more information. It’s safe to say that many of those who’ve stuck around with the actress know exactly what’s going on when she speaks.

The actress can sometimes take on so many commitments that it would be dangerous for her unborn child to be born. However, for the time being, it is best for her health that she receives adequate care while she is pregnant.

She won’t quit her job!

In a recent interview with the New York Times, she explained that the doctor had expressed concern about the normalcy of the pregnancy. Relaxing and comforting activities are what she should be doing.

For her, this is going to be a huge undertaking. However, she started her belief that staying at home alone and secluded would cause her to become depressed. She has no intention of giving up her job while she is pregnant. In spite of this, she has been one of the few people who has been able to work and care for her baby at the same time.


This is going to throw her life into disarray and make her question everything. As a result, she is no longer concerned about balancing her personal and professional lives. It’s critical to keep all of these things in mind. It’s safe to assume, however, that she’ll talk to her boyfriend about this.


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