Delavan Clegg And Jihoon Lee Have Finalized Their Divorce! After A Two-Year Battle

It would be right to mention that Hollywood is a one-stop destination for every kind of gossip. Be it the latest rumor of somebody’s extramarital affair or about a recent divorce case found between a couple who was madly believed to be in love with each other.

Actual Issue Between Them

All of this has created a lot of headlines in all these years. In one of the recent headlines, it has been brought forward that on the occasion of Mother’s Day, the 90-day fiance’s alum Devan Clegg has finally announced that she is soon going to be a mother. But at the same point in time, there are many controversies attached to this motherhood.

Delavan Clegg And Jihoon Lee Have Finalized Their Divorce! After A Two-Year Battle

Her announcement has been suspected by her fans instead of getting celebrated. She had already ended her relationship with her husband, Jihoon Lee. It has already been two years since the couple lived away from each other.

Finally, the divorce case had also come to an end. On 23rd May, the actress took to her Instagram story to share that almost after 2 years, she finally has the freedom to be free of a deadly marriage. This announcement is only adding to the confusion. The fans are not able to make up their mind about what exactly is happening and taking place.

Reason Of Divorce

The couple has been in a very toxic relationship from the very beginning. It was believed that they both loved each other like hell at one point in time. They even got married to each other after 3 months of the relationship.

Initially, everything was a cakewalk for them because they could cope with each other’s expectations. But soon after, everything became complicated after doubt started taking place instead of trust.

Delavan used to doubt her ex-husband almost on every single occasion. This and they used to fight terribly on the minute things, even in front of the media. The fact that the couple was not happy was quite evident on their faces.

While both of them unilaterally decided to file a divorce, it became important to mention the most important reason for divorce. Even after filing for divorce, the couple could not make any ease and peace with each other. They both tried to harass and torture each other in every possible way.

Ways To Harass

One used to get the proceedings, and the hearings were delayed for no reason. While the other used to ask for a huge amount of alimony to be paid. The court did not find any scope of reconciliation between the couple and finally decided, after 2 years of continuous battle, to award them the divorce and set them free.

But today, everything seems to be a bit confusing because she is also expecting just after she got divorced. It is believed that she is having an affair with yet another person. But nothing has been confirmed as of now.


This case has finally been put to rest after the divorce gets finalized. It has finally helped a lot of people to think of their happiness.

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