Instead Of Attending Dwayne’s Funeral On Friday, The Haskins Family Will Conduct A Memorial Ceremony

A statement has been issued by the parents of the deceased Pittsburgh Steelers player Dwayne Haskins Jr. When asked about his wife, they admitted that they had never met her and were planning a separate burial for their son. “We had never met or spoken to Kalabrya Haskins, the wife of Kalabrya Haskins, before this incident.

There Will Be A Funeral Service In New Jersey On Saturday

Hence, we didn’t want the date of our son’s memorial to be the day we first met her “In an interview with WUSA9 on Friday, April 22, Tamara and Dwayne Haskins Sr. explained the situation to WUSA9. Dwayne’s life will be celebrated in Pittsburgh on April 22 at Allegheny Center Alliance Church, according to a statement from Kalabrya Haskins on April 13.

Instead Of Attending Dwayne's Funeral On Friday, The Haskins Family Will Conduct A Memorial Ceremony

There will be a funeral service in New Jersey on Saturday, April 23, and a funeral service at Bullis School in Potomac, Maryland on Sunday, April 24, to honor the memory of their son.

When news of their baby’s death broke, they said, “We’ve had a lot less love for him since the news of his death broke.” According to Dwayne Haskins, Sr., and Tamara Haskins. “Anyone who knew Dwayne knows how hard he worked to achieve such a high level of success at such a young age.

We owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who helped him along the way to his current status as a professional athlete. We’re grateful for the support we’ve received from everyone who understands what we’re going through.”

According to Haskins’ agent, Cedric Saunders, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on April 9 that the former first-round pick and distinguished Ohio State quarterback had been “struck by a car in South Florida.”

He was “coaching in South Florida with many other Steelers quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers,” according to Schefter when Haskins was hit by a car. According to Lt. Miranda Indiana of the Florida State Patrol, Haskins was killed when he was hit by a dump truck.

Prior to the start of the summer, Steelers regional manager Kevin Colbert stated the team’s intention of making an offer to Haskins and then before bringing in Mitchell Trubisky, who has just announced his intention to retire after the 2022 NFL Draft.

Once again relegated in 2020, Haskins was released by the now-Washington Commanders 20 months after being drafted at No. 15 overall in the 2019 NFL Draft out of the Ohio State Buckeyes’ program.

By the end of 2020, the former Ohio State quarterback had signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he would play alongside veteran starter Ben Roethlisberger, who had praised the backup quarterback for possessing one of the “prettiest” throwing moves he’d ever seen in his career.

“I was just stating the other day that his release and throwing mechanics have all been some of the greatest I have ever seen,” said Roethlisberger on TribLIVE during training camp.

That’s something I’d really like to have.” “I jokingly suggested that he could put it through a car wash without it getting wet,” he replied.


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