Singer Halsey Claims She Can’t Release New Music Unless It Goes Viral

Halsey, a 27-year-old singer, has claimed that she cannot release new music until she gains enough popularity on TikTok. In order to get the music out as soon as possible, she’s doing everything she can.

Halsey’s Thoughts

Due to the massive success of her previous albums, she has switched labels to Astralwerks/Capitol Records in order to avoid having her plan derailed. They advised her to wait for the popularity of a major online event before making a decision.

Singer Halsey Claims She Can't Release New Music Unless It Goes Viral

On TikTok, she recently posted a video and captioned it. New music could be heard playing in the background as soon as the video started. She claims to have a song she loves and is eager to release it, but her record label won’t allow it to be released.

She claims to have been in the music business for eight years and to have sold over 160 million records. A viral TikTok moment is currently preventing her from releasing any new music, according to her record company. A white text overlays their faces as they nod their heads and lip sync to an excerpt of unreleased music in their most recent TikTok video.

As a result, she uses both feminine and neutral pronouns. However, this is a common occurrence in the music industry. All of this is just marketing, Halsey captioned. And now, almost every record label is doing the same thing. Basically, she’s just trying to get her new music out there.

She is entitled to better, but she is worn out. After hearing Halsey’s new song, the reaction was “what?” Halsey was asked, but she replied, “I just hate this.” ‘What?’ There is an exchange between the singer and the person who says “Oh, I know, I just hate it.”

Halsey’s personal information is as follows

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane is the real name of the well-known American singer who goes by Halsey. After releasing her music on social media, she gained a following. A deal with Capital Records’ Astralwerks, the label’s electronic music division, was struck with the self-released singer in 2014.

After that, she released her first EP, Room 93, which was a great success. She married Alev Aydin, a Turkish-American screenwriter, despite the fact that she is bisexual. She announced in early 2021 that she was expecting her first child.

Midway through the year 2021, Halsey became a mom. Ender is the name of her son. Her baby is currently 10 months old.

In a post from singer FKA Twigs, it is stated that all the record labels ask for are TikToks, and she was chastised for not putting in the effort. According to a post by the singer, she was begged to make “low-fi tiktoks.”

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