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Hellraiser Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot, OTT Platform!

Hellraiser (2022) is almost available to stream on Hulu, so be excited, horror enthusiasts. This new entry in the venerable (though occasionally ugly) horror franchise promises to spark heated debate.

If the trailers are any indication, this installment will simplify what has been a convoluted series thus far. Still, there’s no denying that it benefited David Gordon Green’s Halloween films, which simplified Michael Myers’ backstory from multiple installments into one.

All About Hellraiser Trailer, Cast, Storyline, OTT Platform!

The Lament Configuration, the legendary horrific puzzle box from the original Hellraiser, has returned and fallen into the wrong hands. Below, you’ll see how Mr. Voight (Goran Vinji) is trying to trick people into opening the box containing the Cenobites’ captives.

About the Cenobites, Jamie Clayton stars as the new Pinhead, a female version of the monstrous sadist who leads the pack in this Hellraiser. An addict named Riley (Odessa A’zion) appears to be their most recent victim.

All About Hellraiser Trailer, Cast, Storyline, OTT Platform

Hellraiser Overview

The classic horror film Hellraiser is getting a new sequel/reboot. The Hellraiser series by Clive Barker is one of the longest-running in the horror genre. In 1987, Clive Barker adapted his novella “The Hellbound Heart” into a film he directed, and Hellraiser became an instant classic. 

The Cenobites’ tale, which depicted their ruthless investigation into the limits of pleasure and suffering, stood out in a genre otherwise dominated by slashers and serial killers. Pinhead, the film’s primary adversary, is a legendary figure in the annals of horror cinema.

Movie/Series NameHellraiser
GenreHorror · Thriller
DirectorDavid Bruckner 
WriterClive Barkere
ProducerDavid S Goyer, Clive Barker, Keith Levine
ComposerBen Lovett
Country of OriginUnited States
Available LanguagesEnglish
Release Date7 October 2022
Main CharactersDrew Starkey, Brandon Flynn, Aoifea Hinds, Selina lo, Adam Faison, Goran Visnjic, Hiamm Abbass
Where to WatchHulu

Many attempts at remaking or rebooting the Hellraiser franchise have been made by Hollywood but have all been unsuccessful.

But this fall, Hulu is bringing back the Cenobites with filmmaker David Bruckner in the R-rated Hellraiser, just in time for Halloween (the same title as the very first film in the series.) Prepare yourselves for a brand-new trip into Hell, horror fans.

Hellraiser Plot

In 2127, the film opens aboard Space Station Minos. The station’s designer, Paul Merchant, has a robot complete the Lament Configuration (the robot is subsequently destroyed). Paul, however, is captured by a team of guards led by Rimmer. Paul shares his family history with Rimmer.

About 400 years in the past are presented in a flashback. Fascinated by black magic, the aristocratic aristocrat Duc de L’Isle commissioned the Lament Configuration from French toymaker Philip Lemarchand. Together with his apprentice Jacques, he skins a woman to death. Using the Lament Configuration and black magic, L’Isle brings the demon princess Angelique into the woman’s body. 

Unless they get in Hell’s way, she is under their authority. Yet Angelique and Jacques turn on and murder de L’Isle. When Lemarchand tries to steal back the box, he is caught in creating a plan (the Elysium Configuration) to eliminate the demons.

In a callous display of cruelty, Jacques tells the toymaker that he and his descendants would be doomed forever because of the box he made before giving Angelique explicit instructions to eliminate the threat. Fortunately, his wife made it. 

Hellraiser Plot

Approximately two centuries after the events of Hellraiser III, John Merchant constructs the building seen in the last scene. When Angelique learns that John Merchant is still alive, she seeks to seduce him while brutally murdering Jacques for “standing in Hell’s way.” She discovers the Lament Configuration under a basement cement pillar, forces a guy to solve it, and Pinhead ends up killing him.

Pinhead plans to force John to use the Elysium Configuration so he can freely enter and exit Hell. Pinhead, having transformed a pair of security guard twins into a Cenobite, advises Angelique that threatening John’s son Jack is the most effective method to get him to agree to their intentions.

John is forced to try out the Elysium Configuration for him, but it fails, and Pinhead ends up having to put an end to him. Bobbi, John’s wife, casts back to Hell Pinhead, Angelique, and a particularly nasty demon named Chatter Beast.

To bring everything back to the year 2127, Rimmer has locked up Paul. However, he has previously called forth demons such as Pinhead, Angelique (now a Cenobite), the Twin Cenobite, and the Chatter Beast. 

The guards are being eliminated one by one by Cenobites. Pinhead kills Parker, Angelique dispatches Carducci, the Chatter Beast dispatches Chamberlain, and Twin Cenobites dispatch Edwards.

Paul, whom Rimmer has freed with the intent of destroying the Cenobites, has a plan to do just that (and built Minos for that specific reason). Eventually, Rimmer can get away in a space shuttle and kills Chatter Beast by increasing the pressure in the corridor where he was hiding.

After Paul and Rimmer board the shuttle, the Elysium Configuration is activated as Paul uses a hologram to keep Pinhead preoccupied. The station morphs and folds around the light, forming a gigantic box, due to a set of solid lasers and mirrors that produce a field of perpetual sunshine.

Once the light is contained within the box, it will self-destruct, wiping out the Cenobites and breaking the link between the underworld and the surface.

Hellraiser Cast

Odessa A’zion leads the human cast as Riley, a character whose drug problems seem to have brought her to the puzzle box. New Cenobites are portrayed by Vukasin Jovanovic (the Masque), Jason Liles (the Chatterer), and Yinka Olorunnife (the Weeper).

The following cast members will be seen in Hellraiser:

  • Zachary Hing
  • Kit Clarke
  • Assisting the team:
  • Selina Lo
  • Mr. Hiam Abbass

Hellraiser Release Date

The Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, on September 28, and the Beyond Fest in Santa Monica, California, on October 4, were the first public screenings of Hellraiser. The film will debut on Hulu on October 7, 2022. At Midnight PST, Hulu updates with brand new episodes of TV series and movies (3 a.m. Easter).

Where & How To Watch The Hellraiser?

Since October 7, 2022, you’ve been able to watch Hellraiser on Hulu because it’s an original production created by the company. Moreover, Disney owns Hulu, the service will likely launch there at some point in the future. However, no official word has been given thus far.

Hellraiser Trailer

After a teaser, the official trailer for the new Hellraiser has been unveiled, giving audiences their most good look yet at the relaunch of the horror genre.

The trailer provides viewers with their first look at the demons from another dimension, notably Pinhead (Jamie Clayton), after a brief description of the puzzle box that releases them.

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Hellraiser Director

David Bruckner will be at the helm for this next Hellraiser. The Ritual, an adaptation of Adam Nevill’s novel about five friends whose hiking expedition in Northern Sweden goes horrifically wrong, marked Bruckner’s directorial debut as a feature film in 2017.

Before that, in 2007, he directed The Signal alongside Dan Bush and Jacob Gentry. The film is set in a world where a mystery signal is conveyed through people’s electronic devices, turning them violent.

Hellraiser Director

The V/H/S anthology series also includes his work. The Night House, a psychological horror film he directed in 2020, was the pinnacle of his critical success, winning two Critics’ Choice Super Awards.

What Is The Storyline Of Hellraiser?

A young addict named Riley McKendry is in treatment when he discovers The Lament Configuration, an old puzzle box. The Cenobites are a cult of otherworldly sadomasochists from another dimension that feed on human desire by inflicting a combination of pain and pleasure. Still, she has no idea this when she messes with the box.

In this revival (not a remake) of the horror classic, the lore of Hellraiser will be developed, themes of sexual pleasure and suffering will be explored, and, of course, there will be lots of gore and body horror.

Will There Be A Hellraiser Sequel?

Although no other Hellraiser movies have been announced, the service may ask for a sequel if the Hulu original does well. Interestingly, David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, who worked on the successful Halloween (2018) revival, are committed to an entirely different Hellraiser TV series for HBO Max.

The answer to that question remains elusive at this time. If you can’t wait, the most recent version came out in time for Halloween, so you can watch that instead.

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