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Fans React To HYBE Decision To Shut Down VLIVE This Year!

Many K-pop bands’ Twitter followers have been worrying about the future of their favorite musicians who aren’t affiliated with the HYBE fan app Weverse since it was announced that the two services would merge.

On January 27 of this year, Naver Vlive announced that they would be joining Reverse Business Inc., the technological arm of HYBE (earlier known as Benz Inc.)

Fans React To The Announcement That HYBE Will Shut Down VLIVE At The End Of This Year

Naver Corporation discussed “building synergy” amongst domestic platforms, and HYBE announced their plans to develop a “more advanced fan community platform” during the event.

Fans React To The Announcement That HYBE Will Shut Down VLIVE At The End Of This Year

What Happens To The Fan Community App If HYBE And Live Merge?

The announcement of Vlive and Weverse’s planned merger gave its users hope that the two applications would eventually merge into a single, superior platform that would include all of the material from both services. 

Fan Community App If HYBE And Live Merge

On the other hand, widespread consternation ensued on August 4 after a screenshot of a user-editable information website went viral on social media. They plan to split up VLIVE into WeVerse and beNX.

In consequence, the vast majority of musicians and listeners who are not associated with HYBE LABELS have been “thrown into the air.”

No formal allegation has been made about HYBE disintegrating Vlive. Therefore, social media users moved to Twitter to disprove the post’s claims. However, discussions about collaborating on a more robust platform have occurred between the two businesses.

Live Data On The Merge Of Two Companies Is Now Available

  • After the merge between Reverse and Vlive, fans will be left wondering what will happen to the 100+ hours of video featuring K-pop groups now available on Vlive. Please take a look at what we know so far about the forthcoming app. A user dispelled rumors about the merger by explaining, “When news surfaced of the deal in Jan, Naver announced that the two firms will be building a new platform, albeit that’s subject to change.” However, that won’t result in losing their entire archive of work. We have no idea.”
  • A user elaborated on the fate of the archived material, saying, “we don’t know what the integration will look like, but I’m fairly convinced that if they want to establish the “largest global fan community platform,” then they’re not going to be removing all the artists’ work, etc.”
  • The VLIVE app has been revolutionary in facilitating interaction between musicians and their audiences for quite some time. Multiple musicians and millions of music lovers all around the world have been making use of this software.
  • Fans are divided on HYBE’s plans for this app following the company’s purchase of VLIVE late last year. See what the Internet has to say about HYBE’s decision to shut down VLIVE at the end of the year in the comments section below.
  • HYBE announced in January 2017 that their fan communication tool, Reverse, would be integrating with NAVER’s V LIVE. The agreement between HYBE and VLIVE indicates the company’s strategic focus and commitment to the market.
  • This may be excellent news for fans of HYBE groups like BTS, TXT, SEVENTEEN, etc., and particular artists using the Reverse platform. However, for followers of other artists, this was not a welcome shift due to worry that their favorite musicians’ content on VLIVE would be taken down. A VLIVE spokesperson clarified the situation, saying, “Even if the operator changes, you can use V Live in the same way as previously without any trouble.”
  • However, not long after that, it was revealed that V LIVE would continue to operate for a limited time before being discontinued permanently. While HYBE stated in July, “Existing V LIVE customers can continue to utilize V LIVE until the end of the year when the gradual integration begins,” they have since changed their tune.
  • As a result, many believe the V application service will be shut down permanently at the end of 2022. Furthermore, several musicians have recently declared their comeback to fan-communicating sites like DaumFan Cafe, proving this is possible.
  • A user of the V LIVE app questioned the company about the reasons for the app’s closure and the material posted by musicians there. After the contract expires, the channel operator loses all rights to use or repost the content on the app, and viewers lose access to the content and the artist’s channel. If an artist also uses Reverse, their content will sync up automatically.

VLIVE has indicated that “if there is a change in the service, we will tell the user in advance through a notice,” albeit the actual date and termination method have not yet been disclosed. 

Numerous Internet users are concerned about the lack of updates to VLIVE and the responses they have received, partly because the HYBE Reverse Live app still has several problems, such as unexpectedly ending the Livestream, lacking many utilities comparable to VLIVE, and concealing the message.

As a result, it’s no surprise that many bands are switching to live streaming on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Although you may get close to the live experience on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, it’s not the same. The area has developed its character and renown.

Because they knew they couldn’t compete with the Reverse platform, Naver (Vlive’s owner) invested in Benx / Hybe (Weverse’s owner).

They admitted as much, saying that merging would be more beneficial because it would create an even larger platform. Naver’s investment in Reverse is what ultimately led to lives closure.


Clive’s demise begs the question: why?

V Live will remain up and operational as planned by HYBE Labels. Despite rumors to the contrary, HYBE has no intentions to withdraw support for the widely used Naver app.

Is the Vlive app going away for good?

On December 1, 2021, production of the V Lightstick terminated.

What is happening with Vlive?

In the first half of 2022, Reverse and VLive will unite to create a new Reverse version with live streaming capabilities (through VLive’s Spot Live).

Is Vlive going to be removed from the hype?

V-Live may be discontinued. Currently, the general public is in the dark. Type Labels recently acquired V-Live, and they intend to remove all the idol channels and transform the service into Reverse. However, this is simply a rumor; those in authority have vehemently denied it.

What gives the WHY WE LIVE app?

Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies may fix the problem with V Live that you’re experiencing. Launch the app’s settings, navigate to the cleaner, and select Clear Data from the drop-down menu.

Why is V Live not starting up?

Most V LIVE issues are related to mobile devices or network issues. To remedy the situation, please refer to the methods provided below. If there is an issue with the network connection, this can happen. Ensure the device is linked to cellular data or a wireless network (router check, etc.).

If V Live is experiencing a momentary issue, why is it happening?

The VOD file you downloaded was corrupted, which is why you see an error code of -1100 while trying to play the video. To test whether or not streaming is working, please delete one of the VODs you have downloaded and then play the appropriate VOD.

Does V LIVE replace Reverse?

In January, it was reported that V LIVE and Reverse would be merged into a single service. At the time, Naver moved its V LIVE business to HYBE’s subsidiary Weverse Company (then known as beNX), and HYBE gave Naver a 49 percent share in Reverse.

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