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Isiah Jones Net Worth, Bio, Age, Boxing Career, And Cause Of Death!

Isiah Jones is a renowned boxer representing the United Kingdom. However, this highly talented British boxing champion is no longer within us. The boxing lovers became extremely delighted whenever Jones came to the boxing ring. It is estimated that Isiah Jones net worth as of 2022 is $10 million. His boxing moment brought thrills to the viewers.

Furthermore, after the grand win of 2016 in National Golden Gloves matches, Isiah Jones became a remarkable personality all around the globe.

Who Was Isiah Jones?

The American boxer passed away after a gunshot attack during a family turmoil. It was indeed a great loss to the boxing world to lose such a young and incredible sportsperson of only 28 years in such a way. Jones made a record of 3 knockouts in his last game. Furthermore, he was a born champion, with the beginner’s record being 52-2.

Net Worth Isiah Jones

As the common proverb says that Morning can show the Day yet to come, it was well implied that this youngster would succeed in the future. Unfortunately, fate was not with him, and we lost Jones so early. Roshawn Jones, the mentor of Isaiah, confirmed recently that the great man left the mortal world last Monday.

He also stated that the act of shooting was a terrible accident when he fought with one of his family members. The fumes of anger crossed all limits resulting in the boxer’s death by a shot from the gun. However, investigations of the case are also continuing, although the concerned brother is said to be the prime culprit.

Full NameIsiah Jones
Sources of IncomeProfession
Biggest AssetsMansion In Detroit, Michigan
ResidenceDetroit, Michigan, USA
Date of Birth23 July 1994
Age28 years Old
Marital StatusMarried
Wealth TypeSelf-Made

Isiah Jones Net Worth

The net worth of Jones has been roughly $1 million in the starting days. However, it gradually increased every year, like his popularity. As per the present status, before his death, he was the owner of around $15 million. So, Isiah Jones net worth remained at $10 million. Boxing was the most significant and active source behind the huge earnings of Isiah Jones.

Isiah Jones Net Worth

After giving some amazing performances in the boxing ring, Jones earned quite a considerable amount of US dollars. He earned around $416 every week during his tenure in boxing. Moreover, the estimated yearly figures of his earnings as per the last records are $21,640 approx.

Isiah Jones Key Facts

  • Isiah Jones was a great fighter and fantastic player on the boxing rings. He left a mark in the matches of DAZN, also.
  • The great boxing champion took birth on 23rd July 1994. Moreover, the 28-year-old was from England and a master in Welterweight.
  • Isiah Jones is 5 feet 9 inches was the approximate height of this famous player.
  • Bog Boxing Card has been one of the commendable games for Jones, where he performed exceptionally for the MGM Grand held in Las Vegas.
  • Wrestling Gym and Soul City Boxing were the two clubs where Jones was an active member.
  • Jones was married, and his wife’s name is still a secret to the public. However, according to some sources, whether he had a wife or just dated someone is also unidentifiable. The player was uncomfortable sharing all the details about his personal life and affairs on social platforms.
  • As per the mentor, this person was a humble and generous human being. Although Isaiah was not perfect in all aspects, his heart was indeed a good one. He also added that the hard-working person was a great father to his two kids. He was very fond of the gym and always made people laugh in some way or the other.

Isiah Jones Death

The date of death of the player is Monday, 19th of September, 2022. Isiah Jones made a living by playing the sport of boxing. However, it is very unfortunate that after so many wins in the boxing ring, he was unable to fight the battle of life. The player’s mentor told the media that he broke into tears after receiving the news of his favorite student’s death.

Isiah Jones Death

It was a tragic accident that took an innocent boy’s life during the hot moments of a dispute between two family members. Reports say that Jones lost his short life at the hands of his family member at only 28 years. The place of the incident was Detroit, where he was engaged in a dispute with the main suspect.

Roshawn Jones, one of their favorite teachers cum mentor of Isaiah confirmed that the alleged family member is the boxer’s brother. Detroit Police, the Department gave confirmation of the match found between the boxer and the dead body. They only stated the time and venue of the incident to be 6.26 pm and Stout Street, respectively.

The correct address on the said lane is 9300 block, where one brother killed the celebrity brother during a family dispute. The whole world was moaning about the sudden demise of the young player. GoFundme Campaign is a remarkable initiative by Roshawn to make the necessary arrangements for Jones’ funeral.

The event is yet to happen. For more updates, you need to wait and stay connected to this page.

Isiah Jones Social Media Involvements

Isiah Jones became a remarkable personality all around the globe after the grand win in National Golden Gloves matches. There is an estimated $10 million worth of money in Isiah Jones net worth. Undoubtedly, Isaiah was present on social media. However, the fans often missed the top-notch player greatly as the secretive player mostly remained inactive on different platforms.

However, his Instagram handle of Jones gave glimpses of the championships or games he played.

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