Jane Seymour In Custom-Made Hanbok At Son Kris’s Traditional Korean Wedding!

Jane Seymour In Custom-Made Hanbok At Son Kris's Traditional Korean Wedding!

Jane Seymour, the Emmy Award-winning actress, wore a Hanbok to her son’s wedding to honor Korean tradition. In an unexpected way, the 71-year-old actress paid tribute to her new daughter-in-law Miso, on the day of her son Kris Keach’s wedding.

Jane Seymour Looks Gorgeous In Pastel Pink Hanbok At Kris’s Wedding

In her custom-made hanbok costume, she was having a blast at the event. Kris’s mother decided to dress up in Korean style for Miso’s 26th birthday in order to keep her company.

Her light pink and blue hanbok, Jane, the beautiful old lady, looked stunning in the family photo. The long skirt and short coat in black and white helped her stand out from the crowd all day. The actress wished the newlyweds well with a private Instagram post of the family photo.

Jane Seymour In Custom-Made Hanbok At Son Kris's Traditional Korean Wedding!

Families, close friends, and beloved members of Miso’s extended family gathered to celebrate this momentous occasion. Kris and John Keach, the twin brothers, performed together for the first time as a duo. Seymour posted a video she had taken on the day of the wedding to her Instagram account.

Wearing a soft pink skirt and a baby blue jacket, Seymour appeared to be in good spirits. Pink ribbons pinned close to her chest made the jacket look extra feminine.

Miso’s parents gave her the costume she chose. Her mother-in-law, Jane, was delighted to receive the custom-made costumes from Miso. Even as a child, Jane Seymour had never tried on any of the traditional Korean garments she wore today.

Wedding Depicted Traditional Korean Culture

It was a beautiful sight to see everyone dressed in hanboks at the wedding, according to the new mother-in-law. Everyone who attended had a great time because of the festive atmosphere created by the event’s Korean theme.

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Estella Park, a well-known wedding planner in Korea, had a great deal of admiration for the customary aspects of Korean culture. Groom’s mothers typically wear cool tones like grey or blue, while the bride’s mothers typically wear warm tones like orange, pink, or purple, according to Park.

During Kris and Miso’s first wedding ceremony, Seymour let the world into her heart. She expressed her joy at seeing the couples begin a new chapter of their lives together in the presence of their families and loved ones.

Seymour’s photos from the wedding, which was held at a palace in Seoul, perfectly capture the Korean culture and the closeness of the family. She went so far as to praise the hanbok’s aesthetic and express how much she enjoyed wearing it. Kris and the groom were also in traditional outfits. Overall, the actress’s wedding attire was a stunning success.



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